Tales of Symphonia question...

I’m about to start a replay of this game, and there’s something I’m wondering.

I know that the T vs. S balance determines the skill set your charachters learn…however, I’m fuzzy on how you influence the balance one way or another, as well as any other benefits for doing so.

Would anyone care to clear this up a tad?

T: Technical, multiple hits, juggles, stunlocks, less power per hit.
S: Smash. Really, that’s what it does.

Some characters are better off with S type (moreso for AI but not casters)

For Genis, S gives railgun-esque line spells, and you miss out on two MASSIVE nukes for one so-so holy spell, Indignation and Explosion are too soulcrushingly good to skip and you can’t do Indignate Judgement without Indignation (cast indignation 50 times, Genis overlimits, cast during overlimit, major ownage).

As for Raine, you want T just for her ultimate heal, but you might want to go S to get her only offensive holy spell that’s worth casting, Ray is crap compared to Holy Lance.

Other than Colette and Presea, I don’t really see anyone who greatly benefits from S-type. And Colette only because her T-type kinda blows.