Tales of Symphoinia..

OK, I’m leveling/cashing up, Every so oftern Presea attacks with Pink Bunny instead of her Axe (Ogre Ax, Btw). She is wearing the “Little Madam” outfit. Has any one Else had this?


No clue. Never touched Presea, although I would picture her as the type with hidden abilities.

You don’t mean that? That is fun…
But it’s all I can find about her… sorry.


Proberbly is…

Weird egg though…

Yeah, true.
It’s a really weird set of requirements though…


Hey, as long as it does damage, I’m happy with it.

Bah, all you need is the Klonoa outfit for her to have a reason be in the party :slight_smile:

I sure wish she had to speak Klonoan when spelling out her attacks ^^

Shes one of my fave characters to have in the party. Havent seen that though.

Loopie Loo!!