Tales of Phantasia - the Orchestrated series

Hi people!
i had the idea to remake the tales of phantasia tunes, since i love the melodies but dont like the midi sound somehow (sure, with a 128MB wavetable it doesnt sound bad g but anyway)

i recently finished the first track and its uncertain if i will continue the work on the ToP series. Depends on the feedback i get, if its good, i will continue, if its bad, i will probably stop it. the first one is the theme from the oasis, i already started the second one, tho (the stream of time) preview will be available soon

the first track is downloadable from

im looking forward what you think of it!

ps: its made with reason and only with reason, no foriegn samples were used, everything is homemade.

I hope you asked for feedback elsewhere than on that forum because so far, it looks like you won’t get much. :stuck_out_tongue:

I played ToP some time ago and I have an incredibly bad memory concerning the games I’ve played, so I can’t remember what the Oasis theme sounded like. ^^; However, I think your mp3 is very good (it had better be, it took me forever to download :P). You should do other tracks, man.

WOW feedback!! :smiley:

hehe thanks dude, i will upload part 2 stream of time today, i hope i got enough time to finish it.

i hope that wasn’t all yet and some more comments will be posted soon

please some more comments, i really need some feedback. i would appreciate just a few words, if its good or if its bad.

thank you

“wtf?! him again?!”

yeah, I don’t rest until i got some feedback =)

I just finished the Stream of Time theme


please listen to it and drop me a line, thanks :slight_smile:

Erm, “thanks dude”? Uh, ok, but while we’re at it, I hope you don’t think I’m a teenager. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, don’t worry about getting no feedback. People tend to avoid commenting, whether they like it or not. It sucks sometimes, but you can’t force them to post. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea where I was when I played ToP, I can’t remember that second song as well. <.< I think it’s as good as your first one, though. I can’t be more specific than that in my comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey dude (i hope you dont mind if i call you dude, actually i call everyone dude, so you gotta live with it :D)

as i can see your age in your profile, of course i didnt think you are a teenager. im sorry if it was like im talking to a teenager to you :slight_smile:

anyway, im glad you liked it again :slight_smile:
i think this theme is from the place, where you can travel in time. At least the name speaks for this =)
unfortunately i dunno where exactly the theme is played, since i got the songs in midi format.

as you said, i cant force anyone to drop a line, so i just wait


please anyone :smiley:

still waiting

First of all, Do NOT Triple/Doube Post… I know you’re excited and all that… BUT if you have anything to say hit the edit button at the bottom of your post… Trust me… I used to do the same…

Second of all, your mp3 is pretty good… it’s been a while since I played ToP but yeah it IS familiar… Just make sure you dont do anything to make it NOT sound like the original…

Third of all, dont worry about not getting feedback… people will eventually come around to give u your feedbacks… << >>


I agree with you sephirot and you are right with my excitement
i apologize

actually i added only a slight change (the solo flute) but i really tried very hard to make it sound like the original.
i gotta say its pretty difficult to program sounds that sound like the original instruments. i used so called subtractive sound processing, has to do with iterative sound design (i.e. a signal is going through the same “sound shaper” again and again)

and please understand my curiousness about the reviews.
it took me ~60 hours to make these two songs (one still not finished) how they are now, i didnt use any cheesy premade samples or midi files.

thanks for you comment, sephirot

greetings kon

ps: more songs are at kon.539.ch/rsn (not concerning ToP, tho)
all are made by only myself, expect bf1982 and watch out for love

They sound great! However, it’s been a while since I played ToP so I can’t say too much on the accuracy :stuck_out_tongue:

i thank you very much for this uplifting comment :slight_smile:

cant say much about the accuracy, its just my version of the track, my personal feel of the game turned into sonic .

luckily I just started replying this game, and I think these are pretty close to the originals. keep it up.

that’s great !
because this game is awesome!!! :slight_smile: