I dunno if you’ve all found it or not, but


The first two episodes are subbed and up for BT download! :smiley:

EDIT: Episode 3 found here:



I saw the first one before. It sucked.

It had a nice intro, and the idea of a ToP series is AWESOME, but it was kinda mediocre. That said I’ll still end up downloading the eps. :frowning:

It can’t possibly be more fanservicey then the Tales of Eternia anime.

It’s not fanservicey at all. Chapter one summary: What I saw in the first chapter was the whole scene with Dhaos’ awakening. Morrison tells Cless and Mint to look for the two legendary warriors that helped defeat Dhaos in the past before warping them, the warriors turn out to be Arche and Klarth working as soldiers for Midgard. Klarth casts Maxwell and Undine, Arche flies around and comments on how hot Cless is, Mint talks with the higher-ups in Midgard to let them borrow the old perv and the witch slut to defeat Dhaos themselves, Cless kills a few monsters in the battlefield and Mint has a quick vision of Dhaos and that spirit from the tree who’s name I forgot.

After that supercondensed chapter, I’m not looking forward to the rest.

I’ve not seen it, plus I’v not played TOP for some time. The Tree, it’s either Goddess Martel’s Garudain or Martel Herself.

It’s worth the Raine Sprite!!

SE: A four-episode OVA is kinda hard to fit everything in, isn’t it? I’d’ve liked to see a 26 episode TV series, or at least 13, like Eternia.

First episode 1.5 hours from finished. 3rd and 2nd finished in that order, long before. Damn Bittorrent…

Then they should at least make only a part of the story. It’s obvious that only ToP fans were going to buy this because it’s AWFUL as a stand-alone story, so it would have made a lot more sense to plug a big summary at the beginning and do a series of well-made and focused scenes about one or two major points, instead of this super-speed plot that isn’t even completely true to the game. At least Star Ocean EX had the decency to STOP when their time ran out instead of plugging twenty hours in fifty minutes.

Or the shouldn’t do the damn anime at all. That’s how things that rape their own roots like Soul Hunter are born.

You obivously haven’t seen the Tales of Eternia anime, or you’d understand where I was coming from. I said it couldn’t possibly have more fanservice then ToE for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, having seen the first two episodes, I’m going to say I like it. Even though it is supercondensed as you say, it at least gives us fans a new look at the series, no? We can see those times in a different way, from a different perspective…

Is anyone else thinking Dhaos is really not all that bad?

No, I haven’t, I’d rather play the game first but I can pretty much guess what you mean. My point was that there is nothing like the Ship to Alvanista scene in this version.

Just like in the game, he was collecting the Mana to save his own world, but of course we are supposed to forgive the whole war and stuff just because OH! HE HAD A NOBLE CAUSE! NEVERMIND THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HE KILLED IN COLD BLOOD, HE’S TEH HAWT!

Oh right. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I forgot that. :open_mouth:

But the OVA does make him seem like he has, yes, a noble cause. Like he’s trying to SAVE the world. I mean, He helps Mint save the Tree of Mana, he calls Lyzen a fool for using the Mystech Cannon. Yes, I know he was going to use that same mana for his own purposes, but he does get painted with a pretty good brush, I think.

Time for a replay, methinks.

HIS world. He was planning on leaving Cless’ world to rot once he got the Mana. He got angry at Lyzen because he was wasting the energy he needed before he could get his hands on it.

Oh of course, but you gotta love how the story of both the game and the OVA keep that secret until the very end, eh?

It just makes it seem all the stranger that everyone’s fighting against him until it is revealed.

Even I have to say that it sucks for anyone who hasn’t already beaten the game like twice. Too insidey, but that’s why it’s cool for me :stuck_out_tongue:

See, that’s what I mean! For us who love the game, it’s awesome, right? But it would make no sense to someone who’s never played it before.

Star Ocean EX rocks

It would be stupid to make it a tv show, because OVAs have better animation

Yes, and five minutes of high resolution animations are so much more important than a good development. Who cares if you never get to understand what the heck is going on or the story starts and ends in the same 30 minutes? It looks pweety!

I have nothing against OVA as long as they make more than four. You just can’t tell some stories with that little time.

Just because they makes less episodes doesn’t automatically mean that an OVA is going to have better animation then a series.