Tales of Phantasia GBA: Volt's Cave

I’m playing the GBA version of Tales of Phantasia and I’m stuck in Volt’s Cave. I’m in the future, I’ve been to Euclid, Venezia, etc… I’m in the cave and I got to the room with the three generators in a row. All the guides I’ve read said you have to use the sorcerer’s ring to light up all three at once to open the door. This seems simple enough but I cannot light up any of the generators, they’re all dead when I hit them. Is there anything I have to do to trigger them to work? Any help would be appreciated.


*edit: ok, nevermind, I figured it out. I checked Gamefaqs’ forums and there was a thread dedicated to this specifically. I guess you guys could talk about the game though… It’s a fucking great game!

I’ve been replaying the SNES version lately, and Volt’s cave gave me a bit of trouble too.
Does the GBA version still have Volt speaking in binary? Beacause that’s the coolest thing ever. I wish Tales of Symphonia kept it.

Assuming binary is the whole “1100010101001001” crap, then no. Volt speaks in weird random symbols like hearts, X’s, exclamation marks, boxes, crap like that.

Ok, so now I’m free to do anything I want in this game. Any recommendations on what to do? Where to level? etc.

The best place to level at any point is Ymir Forest. If you walk back and forth in the tiny space between the entrance and the guard, you can level Arche in there as well. If you feel that’s too annoying but still want to level Arche, Treant Forest (On the other side of the elves’s village) is the second best choice.

You should also check the shrine for the treasure hunt locations (Or just go to every single goddamn beach and suspicious empty spot in the map) so you can get the whole Ishtar set for Cless.

I found a beach that I was able to go to. I’m aware of the pirates treasure, but I couldn’t find anything there. Do you need a specific item to locate this treasure or was that beach just a no-go?

I think you need to start the quest before you can find anything, though that beach might have had nothing. Oh, and don’t forget the little Sidequest for Chester’s improved bow.

From what I recall, you need to talk to a pirate guy in… one of the two snow-bound countries, I think the one near Shadow’s Lair, to start it. And you need to reveal Dhaos’ castle before you can do it.

The last time I played the game, I was trying to work through the Morlia Mineshaft before going to Dhaos’ Castle… now it’s keeping dust out of my SP. This game is the heat anyway, though… my gaming heart is so fickle!

Thank you. Do you know how I can reveal Dhaos’ castle?

The shrine helps a lot but I’m playing the GBA version so there are several name changes, not to mention the GBA one has a few extra additions that were in the PSX version and what not.

You need to finish the dungeons in Odin’s Tower and Freezekill, then you take the Flamberge and the Vorpal Sword you get to Heimdall- you’ll get the Eternal Sword and Origin summon. Then you go off to Ary for a scene and you’re set to go. :slight_smile:

…I think. It’s been years since I played the game through. Maybe check the shrine just to be sure.

I’m not sure if you really need to reveal Dhaos castle or not (I don’t think so, but I may be wrong), but you do need to talk to the pirate guy. I remember he was locked up in a prison, so check around for any city/castle that has a prison (Start with Euclid and Alvanista). Also, some of the treasures in the hidden spots are pretty hard to see, so check carefully whenever you find an area.

Is Morlia’s mineshaft the same as Lower Moria Gallery? And if it is, is it as much as a torture as it was in the SNES version?

He’s in the bar in Ary. You have to reveal and go up to Dhaos’s castle then come back before he will tell you about the quest. You also need to do this before you can explore the lower levels of the Mines of Moria.

Yes, and probably so. It’s done a great job of kicking my tail. :smiley:

I forget how I did, but I remember that I loved save states a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should try and play the game again sometime…

It’s a hard game…I prefer the Star Ocean series to the Tales of series, though.

Plus Valkyrie Profile 2 looks awesome.

alright, this game officially kicks ass. I got Suzu, now I’m leveling her up because ninjas ownz0rz. Any tips for the lower morlia gallerys? I hear it’s tougher than the last boss!

Let me try and give you an idea of where you’re going into: Picture the hardest bonus dungeon you know with random encounters that are very much capable of wiping you out. Now take the encounter rate to astronomical proportions. Now picture 1/4 of it being covered by an eternal HP-draining mist that sucks out life every time you move. Now picture another 1/4 of it being pitch-black, only allowing you to see two inches in front of you. Now remove all save-points anywhere between the entrance and the end. Now remove all possible shortcuts. Now make your HP-recovery inventory annoyingly small. Now include bonus summons and spells that can only be gotten by taking not-too short detours. Now make it so a direct trip between the entrance and the end knowing exactly what to do will take you no less than thirty minutes if you are absolutely the luckiest person alive.

Welcome to Lower Moria Gallery. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

If you are still going:
[li]Follow the shrine guide. Seriously. I did it by myself the first time and I’m still traumatized.[/li][li]LEVEL THE FUCK UP. Anything even remotely under 65ish and you’ll be massacred.[/li][li]Make absolutely sure to have the Sapphire Ring and the Emerald Ring before entering here. Klarth’s two last summons are on the lower levels and you don’t want to get there and figure out you are missing a ring.[/li][li]Make sure to stock up on every single kind of healing item you find and bring a lot of food. Enough rations to feed the entire China population for about a year will suffice.[/li][li]Bring a lot of Rune Bottles to identify some of the equipment you’ll get here. The ?Bow you can get from some enemies in here might turn into a Berserker Bow, which turns Chester into the medieval equivalent of a machinegun. VERY useful.[/li][li]Don’t just bash the attack button and rely on the AI. You’ll have to learn how to handle each specific batch of enemies and input commands accordingly. Not to worry, after the billionth battle you’ll get used to it.[/li][li]Equip Fairy Rings of Klarth and Arche and don’t be stingy with magic, fire of those spells like crazy. The TP you’ll regain after battles should keep you stocked fairly well.[/li][li]Obviously, equip the best sword you can on Cless (Probably the Eternal) and have him use skills that hit several enemies at the same time. Whatever Tiger Teeth and Mecha Blade are called now will do.[/li][li]Don’t do this unless you’ve got a lot of free time. The only save point is right in the end, so there’s no rest stop anywhere else.[/li][/ul]

The shrine might help a bit but I am playing the GBA version, I have read that there’s more stuff(more summons not to mention I have Suzu). I’ll probably be attempting this on my own, and I’ll have plenty of time… I work eight hour graveyard shifts that allows me to pretty much play gameboy almost the whole time.

*edit: ok I went half way into the cave, and it really isn’t that bad. That’s probably because half my cahracters are level 70+ though…

*edit: holy fuck!!! I hate this dungeon!!! IT’S FUCKING ANNOYING! good thing I got to the save point before I had an aneurism.