Tales of Legendia

I am planning on buying it, I recall playing ‘Tales of Phantasia’ for the SNES (Good fun)… Hope this one’s as good (or better…)

impressions, anyone?

It’s not worth the purchase. It’s a good game and all but it’s extremely easy and the storyline is fairly predictable. It’s not as good as Tales of Phantasia and can’t even be compared to Tales of Symphonia.

Basically I’d say you should rent it first then buy it if you love it 'cause I rented it and I’m fairly sure where I am at the moment is pretty close to the end of the game and I’ve only had it for 3 days.

Is it better than FFX-2?

You can’t compare the two. One’s a fan-service the others a game.

Hmm… FFX-2 was the last one I played and after that horrible experience shudders, I am ready to play ANY other RPG even, if it is medicore, I guess dragon quest VIII will be a good remedy to what FFX2 has done with my soul…

I like Legendia, it has flaws, but it accomplishes the purpose of being amusing. It is unfortunatly somewhat easy when you’re a compulsive tech-mastery person, as you can often get this compound tech that kicks the shit out of bosses.

Yeah, and the techs aren’t exactly difficult to master. Since you get one and it rocks…and you use it a lot. Then you get an ‘arcane’ version which is basically a compound version. Then after you master that quickly you get a new better one and so on and so forth.

What Legendia has going for it is pretty much that it maintains the urgency/ominous tone when it needs to and at JUST the right moments something completely retarded happens as to break up the monotony. I still say it’s not worthy any more then a rental or two, though.