I take it you’re excited about this.

change your browser to japanese;

Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > General > Languages > Click on Add > Find Japanese (jp) > Click OK

Firefox: Tools > Options > General > Edit Languages > Add Japanese

Mozilla / Netscape Navigator: Edit > Preferences > Navigator > Languages

Opera: File > Preferences > Languages

IE Mac: Edit > Preferences > Web Browser > Language/Fonts

Safari: (Set via the Mac OS X system preferences) System preferences > International > Language

Galeon: Settings > Preferences > Rendering > Languages

Lynx: O (Options) > Headers Transferred to Remote Servers > Preferred document language

Amaya: Edit > Preferences > Browsing > List of preferred languages



^ Registration Page.


^ Click the top button.


^ If you get something telling you to use a japanese enabled browser, take these steps (Firefox only, the registration works fine in it). Hit tools>Options>Advanced>Edit Languages. Find Japanese in the list, click add, and move it to the top of the priority list.

You then go by three pages or so, just click the top buttons. You will eventually get here:


^ Enter in your email address in both spots.

After you get the email, there will be a verification link. Click on the link and it will bring you here:


  1. Copy the circled items and put them in the boxes.
    There they are if you cant copy the correct ones.
  1. Copy these now (circled)
  1. Random numbers, 3 in the first, 4 in the second.
  1. Copy and paste:
  1. Random numbers. Two in the first, three in the second, four in the third.
  1. Date, id make the year anything past 1987 just to be safe.


^Left box is Male, right is female, click one.
Leave the next part alone.
Last three boxes are your three desired names, it will pick the first one that isnt taken. They need to be between 6-8 characters.

Thats it, you verify your info, it will give you your name and password. Keep clickin buttons at the bottom (always the left, if theres more than one, and i clicked the top ones usually).

They will have you login, and eventually you get back to the start of the registration, then you are free to play the game (assuming youve downloaded it).

download link

edit fuck it here’s the thread, follow all the instructions;


Demon crystal spirit technique loyal retainer heer


This looks interesting

Having to change all my browser stuff around is intimidating, though!

how I shot party?

how did i shot any advanced commands?

Fun game, too many people/not enough jelly blobs to click, though.

I wanna play but I dunno if I can do all the setup stuff :frowning:

Edit: How much space does the game take up?

Is it going to be in Japanese forever? :frowning:

Lv5 2-handed Swordsman so far, kind of wish I understood the item system better, wasted 500 gold by buying the wrong armor.

I want to equip 2handed axes, but it seems I can only use 2-handed swords and spears (maybe?). Sucks.

Yeah, I started. I’m a level 4 Monk, and I’m basically running around not having any idea what to do. I dunno how to get out of the starting area :frowning:

Tremble peasants, for I haveth awakenth fromth myth slumberth. Again.

Yeah anyway, making a priest as I told Pie yesterday. Someone show me how this thing works. >_>

You got to the main town? Or you’re really stuck in the noob area with the noobmage helping you?

I got the level 50 mage to help me own the super slime, but I’ve got no idea how to finish the quest

Go back to the first dude, talk to him, then go talk to the knight at bottom right of the map.

Heh, I go back to talk to him but he only offers the quest again. :frowning:

Edit: What are the chances of a list of names? Or do people wanna keep their anonymity?

Again: I got out, by the way, thanks

Yeah, we should do a list of names. Me and Psi both have characters, so if you see either, give em a shout.

Psi’s is Fierol, a Demon Crystal Spirit Loyal Retainer.
I’m Wynn, a 2-handed Swordsman.

I’m a level 8 2h swordsman, I wasted 900 bucks on a 1h sword though

Well, the town we chose doesn’t actually carry any caster gear, so I got fed up and deleted the game >_>