Tales Of Eternia Battle System

I’m a fan of the Tales of series and I am trying to get of Tales of Eternia (also known as Tales of Destiny 2). Is the battle system in TOE more like Tales of Symphonia (you can fully control your character and have him run back and forth, dodge by jumping, etc.) or Tales of Phantasia (you can manually walk your character in a battle, and your character automatically runs back and forward when you attack an enemy)? Also, if anyone knows, what Japanese Tales game first gave the player a lot of control of their character (able to jump dodge and run manually) like TOS does?

You could fully control your character in the first Tales of Destiny if you had the right equipment. I don’t recall whether you can do that in ToE automatically or if you have to equip something first, but it’s definitely there.

ToE is closer to ToP in battlesystem. You can manually control your character and he/she will run back after attacking.

Thanks for the input.

Pretty fun game. I own the PSx version. I would recommend it as a fun diversion. You can probably find a Torrent of the anime they made of it easily too.