Tales of Destiny II

I’ve been playing Tales of Destiny II for a while now. I’m currently working on beating Hard mode. I just took out Cress and Arche at the arena and decided that I needed to train a bit more. Once i got to my training area and fought one battle, I noticed that the amount of Experience I gained had gone down nearly half. Does this normally happen or did i mess something up? I’m level 75, all the other characters are around 71 (I put the demon seal and krona symbol on Reid to boost his Exp).

Another question I have is, how do you trigger Quasi Seal? For some reason, it’s just not working for me. Maybe the game doesn’t like me >_<

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know what happened to its exp, but I’m also using Demon’s Seal and Krona Symbol. If you want to beat Cress you must have at least 10 Reverse Doll of 15 for sure, then equip your strongest items, use Aurora Wall and Aurora Sword/Slash if available, you must first defeat Arche so there will be no caster of spells(I recommend Omega Demon Chaos), then use Megasonic Thrust on Cress after you beat Arche. I managed to beat them in Hardcore mode that way at level 78. I hope this will also work to you.

For Quasi Seal, do this if you think the skill can already kill the enemy(same as Dragon Demon Chaos), you must use Omega Seal then before Reid strikes the enemy, press the skill button for Omega Seal. Just try and try. I’m always using this skill at the Arena Tournament.

My recommendation would be to focus on Arche first, take her out using the Air Tempest Strike, jump into the air and use the Tempest Strike to knock her to the ground and unleash a Omega Demon Chaos while she is down. If you have Tempest Strike but can’t do it in the air yet, you need to use the skill more times, get it up over 100-120 or so then it should work. The key is to lure Cress away from Arche when you do this, let him get close and Air Tempest Strike over him and get your attacks in on Arche. Avoid her Fireball spell with a well timed Air Tempest Strike. Once she’s down, make Cress come towards you, if he uses his forward attack, block the first hit and counter him with Spiral Attack>Megasonic Thrust combination. If he uses Rising Phoenix and it looks like he’s about to hit you, equip Flare Capes or some other accessory for nullifying the Fire damage. If you find yourself getting low on HP TP, equip the Holy Symbol (HP) or Mental Ring (TP) and keep away from him while regenerating, if he gets too close to you, Air Tempest Strike over him. The Omega Seal extension can only be used when your opponent is at 1/4 of his Max HP, also one enemy must remain in the battle. I’m not sure if Omega Seal works on him but keep this in mind before attempting it, and do not try to do Dragon Demon Chaos or Cress will counter you with his own extension and you will be defeated. Patience will win you this one.


how can i get SAINT RAPIER???

it is the sword equiped to Ras…

what is your favorite skill???


in this game…

This is all great advice.

You can’t, it’s Ras’ sword only.

The above poster is right about the Saint Rapier, it’s for Rassius only. As for favorite characters, I really enjoy playing as Farah. She is very effective if you can utilize her combos, one combo i like to use would be Sonic Fist>Super Swallow Dance>Eagle Rage>Chi+Maximum Burst for example. Really good on the Living Armor inside of Nereid’s Labrynth. She has a very dominant low jump kick that can push enemies back quickly as well, at the start of a jump quickly press Up+X and repeat this to keep pressure on the enemies while giving time for others. This tactic is especially useful early on if you’re playing Hardcore and you need an offensive edge while trying to conserve TP. She also has an anti-air uppercut, while running press Up+X and also you can link a diving skill from this, while not overly effective it’s good to know. The only real gripe I have with her is her lack of running speed, but I suppose it’s nothing some Jet Boots couldn’t fix. I enjoy using all of the characters but I like Farah the most because of her good mix of pressure, evasive-offensive like techniques as well as her healing skills.

Hahaha…I’m really thinking how can I get that sword…but I can’t…until I stop thinking about it…I just want to know if you can get that sword in the game…I also enjoy playing the game using Farah…and I’m also using her to fight the Living Armor at the Nereid’s Labyrinth…I’m using Maximum Burst to kill the Bigfoot…then I will use Flaming Dance to the Living Armor…I’m always enjoying this skill of her’s because you will execute combinations skills for it to be activated…I also like Max’s skill combo…I’m using Aqua Spiral> Rage laser> Elemental Master…