Today I’m taking my high school internce xeams. This is the state test that tells wether I get to go onto the next grade, a freshmen. It’s math and the math test are always the HARDEST so wish me luck!:kissy:

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Heh…TAKS. I have to take that on Wednesday…or maybe Friday…sometime this week, I guess.

I don’t think it got much harder since they switched from TAAS. If anything, it got easier since you’re now allowed to use dictionaries and thesaureses on the writing part :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate exams. I like the Swedish school system in that matter. Good luck!

Exams are ok, I kinda like em! I treat them like the Exams on FF8 & I always pass them witgh at least a B…if not an A.

i hope i pass mine. i suck at math. especially algebra.

mine’s still a month away, though.