Taking on a Border

Of sorts, anyway. A guy I’ve known for a long time has lost his house and he’s going to be moving in to mine. He’s an older guy, in his fifties or so, who fought in Vietnam. He’s a huge metalhead.
So, I’m making this for a couple reasons:

  1. To hear any similar experiences you lot have had with people coming to live in your home, good or bad or funny or whatever, it just seems like a cool thing to happen.
  2. To get reccomendations on some music I could get for him; he likes a lot of oldschool metal and some new stuff that sounds like it. Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Maiden, and all the “big names” are pretty much what I know. Any reccomendations to make him feel more at home?

Aww, and here I was hoping for a story involving border crossing of some sort.

Arac vs The Iowa-Missouri Border would have been a good movie.

I might go to college in Missouri, Pie. Then you can get your wish.

What happened to his house?

Repossessed. The factory he was working in shut down and he ended up missing too many payments before he could find more work. So, he’s essentially at my house but paying for his own food while he saves enough to have left-over cash so this doens’t happen again.

Why when I read this title did I expect some kind of gender-queer experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

The actual topic is much less interesting: War vet dies cold and alone, sadly it is played out far too often.


Only he’s living in my house instead of dying cold and alone.

Ok well assuming he is a fan of the classic stuff, then I’ll list some good 80’s bands with a few more contemporary ones:

Bathory(he might appreciate the later stuff more)
Infernal Majesty
Sepultura(anything before Arise…preferably “Schizophrenia” and “Morbid Visions”)
Celtic Frost
Amon Amarth

More Traditional
Diamond Head
Angel Witch
Mercyful Fate
King Diamond
Iced Earth

I’ve had two experiences of people living with us, both of which weren’t fun. I hope this turns out better for you then it did for my family.


blah, they’re ok.

I know he likes Iced Earth and King Daimond a lot, too, Gila, so I’ll look into that set of suggestions, they’re probably what he’d go for.

No Dragonforce, spare the man! :stuck_out_tongue: If he likes Iced Earth he’ll probably like early Metallica and Diamond Head which both Metallica and Megadeth stole shamelessly. He may also like the first two albums of Annihilator. If he likes the early stuff of King Diamond (up to “Them”) his tastes revolve around this sound. If he likes their later stuff there is an area between prog/power metal and few more extreme bands where you have to avoid tens of bad bands for every good band.

It would be a good idea to list a couple of the bands he likes, because people tend to like/hate various styles of metal. Playing by ear: Black Sabbath. The first five albums are foolproof and if he wants more of the shame there exists a metric ton of bands which try to play like them, ask me if necessary.
Motorhead is a name I’d associate with ‘huge metalhead’. A live should do the trick.

Saxon/Angelwitch (the s/t) will possibly appeal to his NWOBHM feelings. They roughly came from the same movement Diamond Head did. The rest of Gila’s extreme list more or less covers thrash bands that played like old Metallica (yeah, generalisations). Stick with their 80s albums until you tread on safer ground.

Oh, and congrats. Good luck.