Takes a lot of balls to do something like this

And the Darwin Award goes to…

I’m from Mexico, and 200 pesos aren’t enough to Cut someone’s balls off. I mean, I wouldn’t do it at all!!! They were 11-year-old kids, they were naive, but how did they did it, I mean, with what??? poor kids…

I wonder how much that guy would pay to be decapitated. At least $5 American, right? Although, I’ve never worked for so little.

Of course if you were to save yourself the trouble and just slit his throat, it’s not like he could get his money back. But I digress.

In the realm of Stupid People and How to Deal with Them, I’d say these kind of folks are supremely efficient. They do stupid stuff (get obscenely drunk/high/married to a Kodiak bear, etc.) and who punishes them for it? Themselves! Just sit back and watch the genitals fly, baby!

I wonder if the Darwin Award could actually go to the Malaysian who munched himself. He hasn’t quite removed himself from the gene pool. With enough gumption and a few miracles of modern medicine, he could indeed spread to other households, towns, and even gasp nations.

I suggest he be killed before such comes to pass.

I know I could just have said “Darwin Award kekekekekeke!” but we react that way so often it’s getting to be cliché.

Edit: Thanks Rud. I’ve gotta remember that.

(sorry, don’t know the escape clause for the accented “e.” Someone, please enlighten me)

Alt-130 for a good old é. With a name like Jéson, you get to remember it :stuck_out_tongue: