Takes a lot of balls to do something like this

VE: There was no pain since he was drunk enough to be castrated.

I’d do it for free, but instead of cutting with a razor, I would simply smash them with a hammer. Wouldn’t need to get him to put his pants down and I’d guarantee he wouldn’t spread his idiocy genes anymore [edit], making humanity a little more intelligent. Darwin.

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EEP. Dear God, that is wrong and painful. Hell, I don’t even have any balls, and I can imagine the pain!

And the only thing as stupid as the act itself is the reason he used to justify it. --; By that order of thoughts, half of the guys in the world would be doing that. Well, at least his stupidity will die with him. --

lol. If you think that’s bad…

And that, kids, is why you shouldn’t take hallucinatory drugs.

Ow. And ew.

Jesus Christ!

Oh dear god…

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Ow. And ew.

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Ow. And ew.

Yeah. -_-

Thats my favorite dish :smiley:

The way I see it I would castrate him for 20$ and a purple neck tie.

Why would the kids even do it? For any amount of money?

'Cause they’re psychotic bitches.

:noway: This is sick and wrong on so many levels.

From Rudora’s Quote Script:
[xI0nGluVeRBoi] u suck dick fagget
[StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] ACtually no, I eat that
[StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Human penis is a delicacy where I come from
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That’s all I have to say.

What kind of voices were those…? Heh heh. That’s even more fucked up than the other one.

Yeah, I saw that other one about the penis one… that’s just stupid though…like the other one.

Don’t drink and don’t do drugs: Not only may it ruin your potency, it may jettison the safty of your belowed family jewels and make it difficult to pee.

I feel like <strike>chicken</strike> penis tonight!

Only in… FUCKING… Mexico… or something My friend Fabi told me that her whatever relationship guy was drunk and a bunch of guys were giggling as he was like… half passing out? But it ended up when he awoke… he had a bunch of cigar burns on his arm.