Takes a lot of balls to do something like this

and in the end you have none left.

I don’t understand why anyone, no matter how drunk they are, would request that.

Thats not drunk, hell thats beyond wasted. At least he wasn’t to the point where he would look at Janet Reno porn.

I don’t understand why two young boys would be motivated to do such a thing at such a low price, [edit] let alone do it at all.

Yea, it’d take a lot of money to make me cut someones balls off. I can be cruel sometimes, but shit, I’d never actually do that to somebody…

Now that I think about it, why would you tell your parents that some random guy gave you 20 bucks for cutting his balls off?

Originally posted by Frameskip
Thats not drunk, hell thats beyond wasted.

I’d have to agree with that seeing as how that would hurt like hell.

Well, that’s one more idiot out of the gene poll.

Heck, way to go. A new record in “How much would it cost you to lose your virility”.

Aw man that’s just wrong… Why would those kids even do that for just 20 bucks?

1.) They’re 11 years old. It’s MONEY. Any amount of money to an 11-year-old is GOOD.

2.) This is just a guess, because I don’t know anything about Mexico or its economy, but maybe $20 (or 200 pesos) is more there than it would seem here.

My balls hurt thinking about this.

Yea, but still…

“Hey mom, I castrated some dude and he gave me 200 pesos!”

What the fuck?

I’m afraid I don’t know about that one.

Innocent honesty?

lol saying that at home would be cool… Still I’d ask for 100 U$S at least.

Money’s money. Heh heh. But that’s just… wrong. Heh.

I wonder what that guy thought when he was sober again…

Probably “where are my testicles?”

This is a new height in stupidity… O_O

EEP. Dear God, that is wrong and painful. Hell, I don’t even have any balls, and I can imagine the pain!

No, you can’t.