Take two

…Optimism or pessimism?
Choose your destiny.

Am I talking that I am talking or is it, what I do not know? Is this true or false?

woah your spoiler confused me alot
anyways i picked truth cause that is what i want to know:victoly:

I would have prefered “love”, but happiness was the closest you had.

To live is to die.


Originally posted by Sorcerer
To live is to die.

Yeah man!! That song rules!
\m/living for death\m/

What song? I’ve always said that lol…

GNR’s Live and Let Die?

No man, Metallica - To Live Is To Die. It’s the last song Cliff Burton had any song credit in dude. It’s an instrumental, which would explain Steve posting Orion.

I chose Freedom, but Death came in a very close second.

oh yea, it’s on and justice for all. Meh :d

hope. For without hope there is only despair, what is the point of living.

Hope is a tool for the weak.

Hope is what keeps them strong.

Hope fills people with lies. People hope that their lives will get better, and that it is all they need - when all that hope will ever get them is just more suffering and pain. Hope is useless, and to depend on hope as a means to escape despair just means you are setting yourself up for more despair. Hope is a falsehood.

I agree hope is what keep people strong but it’s also a huge let down when that hope fails em, so yeah, it is a falsehood. I guess you just have to know when to use it to fool yourself when you have nothing left…well that’s what I do anyways.

Hmm I pick truth. People are always blind to the truth these days, duhn duhn DUHN.


Hope is better than nothing. If you die happy because of your hope for a better tomorrow, it’s better than dying sad because nothing ever works right for you. Karma, y’know.

To each his own, if you are happy with hope that be hopeful, if you believe it is a falsehood then believe in something else.

Hope is stupid.

Perhaps, but hope is better than true misery.