Take a look at this!

((Yeah, I enjoy putting links from the chat))

Damn it, stuff like that always makes my eyes hurt. I know you’re happy about that booken.

I’m making that my new desktop background! :smiley:

(Ask Kag. I did)

WAUGH! MY BRAIN HURTS! [clutches his head]

Chiiiiiii~![clutches her head in an identical, comical fashion]

Head hurts? No way dude. That is just the coolest thing… :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Megaman984
[b]I’m making that my new desktop background! :smiley:

(Ask Kag. I did) [/b]

Psh, I had something almost identical to that as my desktop background like 2 months ago.


Look at all the colors, man! X_x


Dude…I can taste colors…

Fuck man, now THAT rocks.

/me makes it his new desktop.

“I think my brain just broke…”

Stuff like that is why people go postal.

-views page-

PV have head explody!


That thing almost made me fall into a deep trance. Maybe you should edit the pic and put messages in it. “Overthrow the government”, etc, etc.

Very cool, Booken.

I just love this kinda of stuff.

Wow. Thats just… wow.

Woah daddy… x_x


My brain must have been fried from viewing ed’s technicolor nightmare and seizurerobots.com on LSD. That just doesn’t do anything for me.

Trippyyy… Ö_Ö

Optical drugs are fun… NO… fuuuuu… NO!!