I just started playing FF Tactics again for like the 400th time.

God I love this game.

The job system is just so intricate and awesome. And the story is great too!

So anyway, this time around I’ve decided not to use any of the special characters, except maybe Cloud. Orlandu is just too damn good. It makes the game too easy.

So I am sticking to the generic characters only this time around. And I’m checking out a few of the jobs that I ignored on previous play-thrus.

Dancer- Just got one of these. Seems cool now but doesn’t really do much.
Calculator- Seemed way too complicated before but I’m willing to try it out.
Mediator- I never was interested in recruiting monsters before, but maybe this time.

Math Skill = Instant win. That is all you need to know about calculators. CT4 or 5 Holy with your whole party in chameleon robes will take all the fun out of the game.

Yeah, Calculator takes a long time to build up, but once you do it’s a powerhouse.
Mediator is probably the most interesting job that’s entirely non-essential. Monsters can be pretty powerful, but it’s a big pain recruiting all of them, so most of us don’t bother. ^^;

The calculator job on it’s own is garbage though. Worst speed in the game, pitiful MA for a mage class, poor stats across the board really.

In case you haven’t tried, as cheap as it may be the Monk is one of the best classes early on, esp. for Ramza. The Dancer is awesome as a secondary skill, it’s able to deal damage to everyone no matter the location. It may not seem like much but it makes a hell of a difference after a few rounds, especially if you have more than one Dancer at the same time.

BTW, I still have that huge-ass list on what’s my ultimate party for the game in case anyone wants to know <–Wants to get in a powergaming discussion.

Wiznaibus + Sunken State = Invincible Asskicking Dancer

Monk + Basic Skill = win (If you can keep away from the enemy for a couple turns). 3 or 4 turns of accumulate will instakill most anything in one punch. Use with counter or hamedo (depends on the fight, hamedo being almost strictly for story fights) for extra fun.

Hamedo only works with humans so stick with Counter unless you are absolutely sure of what you are going against.

FF Tactics I is by far my LEAST favorite FF story, confusing in places and with a terrible ending. However, I love the Job system in this game. I played it twice, first using all the optional characters and then by creating one character of every Job. (Btw, other than FF11, this is the ONLY FF game that lets you create your own characters! (via the mercenary system.)

And yet, Ramza is possibly my favorite lead character after Zidane. The transition between his naive behavior and steel determination is really touching, just to see a guy who has absolutely everything against him and still pushes on obeying the principles of “honor” and “justice” that everyone calls foolish and in the end, out of everyone who considered him a fool, he’s the one that is still living.

The story itself, I think, is great. The problem lies in the translation, which is awful and indeed confusing.

This may be because I have no idea of how it was in the original but besides for one or two phrases that seemed odd and “Wiznaibus” or “Dycedarg’s older brother”, I really didn’t notice too many mistakes. Care to point them out so I can obsess over them on my next playtrough?


But besides the name problems, the script is just generally really badly written, which leads to confusion. Some characters are called different things at different times (like Omdolia/Omdoria). The dialogue has awful grammar. That’s the kind of thing that can impact understanding of a story, especially if English isn’t your first language.

Ha, forgot about some of the hints to other games like the Zolom and that goddamn “Bracelet”. The assholes even kept it like that in FFTA -_-

Shouldn’t you add “Altima” to the list?

Anyone else here overuse Beuwolf? Just turning people into chicken is great.

Math Skill is by far the most useful skill in the game.

Mediators are pretty weak, but when you get those monsters in your party, breed them, and then ‘hunt’ them, you can get powerful weapons and armor, even some not located in the deep Dungeon.

I always use the Lancer, Knight, Squire, and Monk jobs. All of them have high stats, and the amoun tof AT and HP he gains is excellent.

Funny, the character with the highest natural HP is Reis. Some of her stats are even higher than Orlandu’s.

Ah, hell. Here is my setup, see if you can improve it:

Meh on using heavy armor and helmets on Ramza and Orlandu. Try this:

UberSquire (hehehe)
Punch Art or Draw Out
Counter or Blade Grasp
Two Swords

Chaos Blade
Thief Hat (maybe Flash Hat if Draw Out, both for speed bonus)
Secret Clothes, Power Sleeve, or if possible Robe of Lords (not sure if last is possible)
Cursed Ring if Punch Art else Red Shoes or Germinas Boots

Holy Swordsman
Punch Art or Draw Out
Counter or Blade Grasp
Two Swords

Chaos Blade
Thief Hat
Robe of Lords
Germinas Boots, Cursed Ring, Sprint Shoes or Red Shoes

Speed is the most important stat in the game, and slow actions are highly deprecated. Both Punch Art and Draw Out provide fast multitarget healing and damage options, and Ramza’s Squire is faster, has greater movement and better equipment than the Knight class.

Dude, did you ever play Tactics Advance? You want a terrible story?!!! FFTA’s story sucks! It is like they made the battle/job system then just released it. FFT’s story may be a little confusing sometimes, but at least there is one.

The monk is definitely a powerhouse, by the way.

I am trying to steal as much as possible this time around. Anyone have any advice as to how I should train my Theif? (Besides mastering the Theif skills and learning Concentrate)

I haven’t played FFTA, but FFT for the PS1 SUCKED!!! The Advance version is probably better.

  1. FFT does not suck. It was probably just too complicated for you.

  2. How do you know if FFTA is better if you never played it?

  3. I don’t come to your job and smack the cock out of your mouth. So don’t come to my thread and bash the only topic.