Tables out of whack?

While browsing my subscribed threads, I noticed Cala’s signature went off the side a bit. I don’t know if this is on Cala’s part, of maybe the forum tables are not proper.

I’d get an image just posted up; but I’m unable to save as .gif nor .jpeg.

I believe it is a result of the alignment of Cala’s sig. And yes, Setz , there is VB code for table alignment. Which is why a part of Cala’s sig is slightly off kilter. By the looks of it, it is center aligned.

An error like that isn’t caused by the source code, but by the way idiot browsers like IE view the code. They attempt to splurt out anything, align it, then load the images in. The problem is, sometimes the images, if they load slowly, will push the table outwards afterwards. Browser problem, not vBulletin problem.