TA fans.

Hey, I’m a thread whore today :smiley:

TA Spring is now apparantly standalone. Get it here

More info, and more concise than I could put it, available at PA here.

Oh fuzzbunnies, you dig this shit too? Gimme a buzz and we’ll play

Actually, I’d never played before, and I suck hardcore at RTS but it’s pretty fun beating the shit out of the computer :smiley:

No worries, I suck at this game too. 2 years with no practice = death. Also, download this mod, no way I’m playing this with the base units anymore: http://www.planetannihilation.com/aa/

Now we just need 2 more players so we can do a 2vs2 match (Sharing the control of units for extra chaos >_>)

Done and done. And I mean done.

I have a copy, but it crashes like mad >_<

You have a copy? You know this is a standalone game right ds?

at first I thought you were talking about actual TA. I dled Spring shortly after I realized it was something else. Needs some bots, but otherwise it looks pretty decent.