Syria and Lebanon

Seriously, what the fuck is going on over there? I havn’t been able to follow the news lately, because i’ve been so busy, but today i heard that there was some syrian demonstration to keep lebanon’s troops inside Syria’s borders? Did they invade them or something? I’m so out of the loop here, and the articles i’m finding off of a google seem to just be a play-by-play, which isn’t helping me since i don’t even know what started this.

The darn powderkeg is gonna blow up into WWIII…

I believe I read that they protested to get them out of Lebanon.

Yeah, but later on, there was apparently a much larger pro-Syria demonstration.

Syria has had troops in Lebanon since the seventies. At the time, Lebanon was in the middle of a civil war between Christians and Muslims, as well as a battleground for fighting between Israel and the Palestinians. Then, as now, there was a sizable pro-Syrian contingent in Lebanon, and under the Taif Agreement, Syrian troops were effectively invited by the Lebanese government to stay in Lebanon.

The huge crowds packed central Beirut and dwarfed recent anti-Syrian rallies, sending a powerful message to the Lebanese opposition and the international community that the Shiite party is a political force to be reckoned with.

Pro-Syrian = Hezbollah It was branded as a terrorist organization by the USA and it’s allies.

Bush now accepts role for Hezbollah. Shiite group’s power in Lebanon forces U.S. to shift its policy

Edit: John Stewart explains almost everything, but slightly outdated

Are not the anti-Syrian Lebanese also angry about the assassination of their former prime minister Rafik Hariri?

I’m sure they are, but there is no evidence to prove that Syria is to blame for it. On the contrary, it appears that the assassination was carried out by a suicide bomber, which would point to a terrorist organization such as al-Qaeda rather than to a government. Furthermore, as we can see from this situation, Syria would lose, not gain, from Hariri’s murder.

Uh, no, not every Lebanese citizen with pro-Syrian views is a member of Hezbollah. These days, Hezbollah is a political body, with seats in the Lebanese Parliament. They may have organized the pro-Syrian rallies, but that doesn’t mean that all of their constituents are armed terrorists.

Of course not. Hezbollah is legit now, even Uncle Sam agrees.

Bush now accepts role for Hezbollah. Shiite group’s power in Lebanon forces U.S. to shift its policy

But, my equation still stands: Pro-Syrian = Hezbollah, from a political point of view.
If you are Pro-Syrian and feel like showing the finger to America, who you gonna call (vote in the next elections)? Bush-busters, the Party of God.

More from John Stewart:
President Bush has a message for the people of Leba-Lebanon: You’ve been mispronouncing your name:
(4 min clip)

I think <a href=“”>this</a> might have been the clip Seifer was trying to link to. I just saw it last night, and the part at the very end had me rolling on the floor.

“I really think [the Bush admin’s] foreign policy goal is to spread irony throughout the world.” XD