Synchro Artwork

For those of you that don’t know, Synchro’s a person that visits the RPGClassics chat room and has an eerily similar scheme to a certain 984. I believe she followed Zero and Lunaris from the Bob and George community to the RPGC chat. Not sure on that part. Anyway, she’s a good artist and his drawn me a few times. So, I feel narcissistic and posting those pictures. Oh yeah. My avvy came from her most recent one.

And yeah. Synchro’s site. Has some of her other k-rad drawerings.

On the last pic of the four, the blaster pointing at us makes it look like he doesn’t have a left arm, and just has some wierd shoulder decoration thingy. But still, pretty cool.

…I wish I dedicated more time towards general practice <,<

Nice Drawings, Synchro, if you’re watching.