Don’t forget to wash your hands.

First of all, I already do that, but thanks for the general reminder. A lot people tend to forget to do that.

Second of all, learn how to spell. It makes the grammar nazi in me cry to read this thread titile.

Worry not. I was trying to go for something akin to LOLCat speak.

Anyway, this shit is crazy, folks. 91 cases (in the US) as of today, or has the number gone up? We all have a pandemic on our hands.

First of all, thanks for the virtually contentless thread.

Secondly, I’m no more worried about the swine flu than I was about SARS or any of the other yearly “epidemics” that aren’t as widespread as the media wants you to think, and have a fairly low fatality rate. Wake me up when Captain Tripps gets here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I subscribe to the Child’s Theory of Cookie Raw Dough:

If I don’t think it will hurt me, it won’t.

Swine who? I haven’t heard about this. At all. Anywhere.

He flew?

The mexican bullet flu is transmitted entirely by people and kills a whole lot more than the swine flu. Funny no one gives a shit about that one.

What’s the Mexican bullet flu?

Thanks for the link, but I was being sarcastic; I hear about this absolutely everywhere.

I think the bullet flu is the flu hippies want us to think guns transmit.

Reading sarcasm on the internet is difficult. <_<;

[sarcasm]Oh sarcasm on the internet. THAT’S a new concept. [/sarcasm]

The 984 uses multiple signals to more effectively communicate, much like the genetalia I’m reading about right now.

Yeah, I wondered if someone would link an article. I hoped putting more emphasis on how little I had heard would indicate that I didn’t mean serious business, but it might have just made the business seem super cereal.

I’m so tired right now that I read gorillas as genitalia. That made Arac’s post much more interesting to read.

It only infects border towns and the children of the wealthy.

What? Are you just saying this cause he’s new? Since when has anyone here given a shit about content? You don’t need content to open a conversation about something. This isn’t fucking penny-arcade where people crucify anyone who makes a new thread without a very specific topic (or one that was covered 8 years ago that they “should’ve searched the archives for”), with its conspicuously and grievously retarded mods who ban you if you don’t pretend they’re 100% right 100% of the time anyway. This is RPGC. We’re laid back here. So shut the fuck up >:(

Also, yes, this pre-epidemic seems like it has a lot of hype and not much clout. Unless you’re one of the people it’s killed.

I’m more concerned about eating chips and cookies and whatnot that I accidentally drop on the floor for a few seconds than Swine Flu. I take my vitamins. whichthatjustmightgetshotdowninafewpostsbutwhatever


Actually, I can’t find anything on the Interwebs about the Mexican Bullet Flu. Jokes? Totally fell for it.

I was actually hoping to hear Sin’s opinion on the matter, given how he’s presently working at curing diseases, but it sounds like he isn’t in his full mind now. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, Sin, when you get over your hangover; should we be worried?

H1N1 is weak