Yesterday I got my eyes all fixed up with LASIK. It is pretty cool. The place I went to is fucking awesome. They really hooked me up. I’m already loving not having to wear glasses. So yeah, just letting you guys know. Later.

I heard it messes up your night vision though.

What’s it like getting your eyes zapped? :o

Congrats on not having to wear glasses anymore.

I plan to get LASIK eventually. I’ve been told I’m a good candidate for it, but I’m not entirely sure given the way I scar.

I also plan on getting Lasik eventually. Contacts aren’t neccessarily bothersome, but I figure it’ll be cheaper in the long run than having to buy contacts every year.

Wait, give us more info, thats really cool. I’ve always been interested in it, but it seems kind of shady…any medical procedure that is advertised on TV kind of gives me the creeps.

I think it would be great for me because i have HORRIBLE vision in only one of my eyes. Wearing one contact is hella annoying, i’d like to just get it fixed. What is the procedure like?

Dev, wear a monocle. Seriously.

The place I went to is fucking awesome. The procedure is pretty quick. They give you some things to relax you and then take you in. It takes a couple of minutes. You see a lot of lights and then it’s over. One thing that was great about the place I went to is that they have a free limo to take you too and from the procedure. The only thing that sucks is that you have to do a shitload of eyedrops afterward on a regular basis.

I don’t know about Lasik, but it does work and I have yet to hear people really be unhappy with the results. You just have to put up with some fogginess, be careful with water, and driving at night for a few weeks after the procedure.

Info: What’re the odds of you being re-deployed? You mentionned they were small because of what your “job” is, but is there a chance they might just re-assign you?

Yeah, the guys at the place said that and I’m experiencing a little bit of cloudiness right now, but it isn’t too bad.

That is possible. However, I get out in a bout a year and a hlf, so they probably won’t call me up before that time.

You guys are crazy, glasses are awesome. I wouldn’t want to get corrective laser eye surgery, mostly because my glasses make me look like a scientist.

Great to hear it, Info. But now where’d the cool glasses-guy disappear? :frowning:

Thats sweet. I can’t wear contacts, so I’ve sonsider lasik some…bit nervous on it though :confused:

am I the only person on this thread who has good eyes? better than 20/20 actually

I acidently double posted by double clicking

He’s been replaced by Nick Info - uber [STRIKE]army[/STRIKE] Marines guy!

Info is Marines, not Army. >.>

You’re the only one who hasn’t been to enough porn sites yet.

I was going to say that too!

I’ve got splendid eyesight.

But glasses look cool.

I figure I’ll just stay with the contacts. LASIK would only fix half the problem (with me being colorblind and all).