Sweet Lemonade



One thing I do hate is the sweet, sweet lemonade

On my other hand in and of myself, still I do like your signature

Trying to squeeze money from a 7-year-old girl: EPIC FAIL.

Reminds me of when Disney forbade day-care centers from having its characters painted on their walls. OK, technically legally they are right, but was it worth the sheer backlash they got? If anything, I’d consider it free publicity.

Well obviously she wasn’t representing the core American values.

I mean she wasn’t trying to bankrupt the economy or cheat millions out of millions with her business, she wasn’t trying to sell gold based ponzie (or however its spelled) schemes or semi-automatics, she wasn’t turning her neighborhood into a toxic wasteland through ineptitude or cut corners, she didn’t buy off enough politicians (or any at all), she didn’t bar gays, illegal immigrants, anyone of the Muslim faith, or anyone who believes in either something other than intelligent design or women’s right to an abortion from buying her drinks, she herself was probably not a natural born (or whatever they’re calling it), she probably wasn’t supporting the troops (unless she was in which case the taxes on her drinks were unreasonably high), she probably said a word that was also said by Hitler (doesn’t matter which one), she didn’t decorate her stand from to bottom in American Flags, she probably wasn’t completely illiterate, she was most likely faking any illnesses that she had, and most damning of all she’s probably a democrat.

The only option is to deport her to Guantanamo and subject her to enhanced interrogation techniques until she reveals her secret Muslim plot or her true Soviet identity and then leave her there for the next democratic socialist dictatorship to deal with.

Heh, how far does one have to fall when you have to charge little kids to run a lemonade stand?
Way to look like a dick, Oregon County.