Sweet Jesus this looks AWESOME :O


This movie has at least three things going for it that I can see, and that is only from watching a short trailor.

1-Tim burton
2-Johnny Depp
3-Johnny Depp’s hotness in claymation form

This movie will certainly rock.


Looks ok.

Hmm … Revenge of the Nightmare Before Christmas?

Aww, I think I’ll check this one out!

Is it seriously claymation? Or CGI made to look like claymation?

It’s stop motion animation, which is the same thing as clay animation, only they use something other than clay.
It looks awesome. I wish a dead girl would want to fuck me.

Isn’t that Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

ooo. Must see this, looks more like cgi than stop motion.

Mmmmm, sweet goodness of timmy.

What is that song again? I can’t recall it… oooo tip of my tongue!

Edit: Nevermind, I remember!