necro’s into vampires… sounds sweet

Uhm, not to be rude, but what in holy Cthulhu’s name are you fuicking talking about?

I think you’ve accidently clicked on new thread instead of post reply.

Don’t think so, he doesn’t use titles in his replies.

I’d sill like to know what the hell he’s talking about.

A new D2 set with the 1.10 patch that will allow Necros to, once complete, transform into vamps, and use the good old fire spells.

when will it be available then?

Ahhh I see. Well, I’ve been waiting for said patch to come out myself… no idea.

will that patch work without the lord of destruction expansion?

There’s a minor one with a few changes for Reg D II, but don’t expect much, most of it deals with new items that are brought in with the expansion.