Presidential candidate in 2008? Harvard professor?! o_o;; Since he WAS governor, was he at least any good?

Y’know, I might agree with him on a lot of issues… that’s really all that matters >>

He SAYS stuff that sounds good … but he’s a politician, so I don’t trust him anymore than I trust … well, anyone.

No party and no connection to corporate interest = good
Abolish income tax for sales tax = bad
Sales tax would take a greater percentage of income from the poor than the percentage of income from the rich. The less money you have, the greater portion of it is needed to spend on necessities like food, shelter, clothing, etc.

The U.S. could do a lot worse.

Has done, in fact- he had a reasonably successful run as governor IIRC so a presidential run wouldn’t be too horrifying to consider… no less terrifying than another 4 years of Bush :-/

Pretty neat.
But I think I’ll wait with the excitement.