Has anyone played this game? It looks pretty good…

To put it simply, no.


I’ve played Swat Kats. Does that count?

Holy shit, Swat Kats kicked all kinds of ass. That show ruled. Remember the doctor guy that was a plant or something? Or the robo kats? Damn. Good show.

DarkCat pwned.

And yes, Swat the game does also pwn. It had one of the simplest orders systems ever. Can’t wait for 4.

I was thinking of the Samurai Pizza Cats for some reason. But yeah, I’ve played the Swat Cats game. Never got into the cartoon.

Samuri Pizza cats was the best. I miss it… ;_;

Yeah Samurai Pizza Cats was so sweet. Definately one of the best animated shows based on cats… other than Garfield.

Whoa, people remember Swat Kats? Loved the show, it was surprisingly sofisticated for a show about Jet-riding Cats.

Which makes me wonder how many talented writers there are in the (American) Animation business that are given like the STUPIDEST shows to write…
::dekar!:: “Here’s the latest Toy Craze. Write a show about it. We don’t care WHAT, we just want kids to know the brand!!” :thud:

I didn’t even know there were toys…