Suspect Said He Felt Threatened By Hissing Goose

WARNING: the following link leads to a story about a dude doing fucked up mean shit to animals. Steel yourself…

What the crap???

Man, that’s messed up. :frowning:

He shoulda known that geese are very parental. Some birds can be very aggresive towards humans. A woman named Leda was raped by a swan…

What an asshole.

In Florida, it’s perfectly legal to do this to people if you feel threatened. The guy’s still an cock, though.

… Poor birdies. :confused:

I hope the fucker gets cancer.

sputter LOL WTF? :D:D

Lol what a loser. Just look at him.


For sure. One of the really terrible kinds too. Where it takes a long time to kill you, but they can’t do shit about it.

No, he should get stomped on by a giant foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wtf. What an asshole.

That guy is seriously fucked up.

Pure insanity. That’ s the lamest thing I’ ve ever heard/read of. Incredible. The worst punishment he can get is repenting, trust me. But given his mind condition I highly doubt he will ever reach that level.

EDIT: he said he feels heartbroken.

He should die. Being squashed.

Stomp him!

Send him to a seminar on poetic justice THEN stomp him. Point is clearer that way.

Greek mythology.