Surprises and disappointmets of 2006.

Since 2006 is now over and all of the games have been released, what are some of your surprises and disappointments of the year?


Resistance: Fall of Man - Not necessarily bad, just not as good as it could have or should have been. The graphics look a lot like RE4’s, and while RE4 is an amazing looking game, a PS3 game should look much better than a PS2 game. The environments are pretty bland (no real interaction). The weapons, hwoever, are the greatest disappointment for me though since I liked the idea of an alternate time where WW2 never happened and instead the earth was invaded by aliens. I thought it would be neat and clever to fight off aliens with WW2 era weapons. The problem is that the humans weapons are too futuristic and get rid of the whole time period thing. Hell, the uniforms of the soldiers look more like something from Vietnam than WW2. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still fun, but a major disappointment. Plus the environments are pretty bland and it is old school since they are small and more of a corridor shooter. So far even tha first shooters released on nthe 360 are better in every aspect. I guess Resistance to me is like Perfect Dark Zero for the 360: a good and fun game, but so much wasted potential and such a disappointment (and sadly, Perfect Dark Zero has much better environments and graphics despite being a year older).

New Super Mario Bros - While this is a fun game and it looks great, it is still disappointing. The levels are so bland that it ruins a lot of the potential fun. I still love the game and it has almost everything that made 2d marios so much fun, but the levels are just a little bland. The look and challenge are perfect though.

Call of Duty 3 - It is fun and good, but it has some little annoyances that make it not as good as Call of Duty 2. Such as in the small areas, like trenches, your computer teammates usually get in the way and make it hard to manuever and shoot the enemy and not die. There are also some collision detection issues, such as getting stuck and having to restart a check point because some falling debris traps you. It looks great though and can get pretty intense in some levels.

Metroid Prime: Hunters - Not a bad game, but the controls make it hard to play for any extended period of time. I’m also not a fan of the different areas, I wish it was just one big area like the other Metroid games.


Final Fantasy 12 - Well, after the DQ8 demo, I wasn’t anticipating this one too much. The DQ8 demo was so bad it actually made me want to skip this iteration (luckily I didn’t). I also didn’t like it taking place in the FFT world and wanted it to take place in its own unique world. However, the power up system in this one is great, the graphics are amazing, and the characters aren’t as gay as I thought they’d be. Best of all, it is an RPG that I am actually able to really get into.

Dead Rising - Didn’t really know what to expect, but this was surprsingly good. It is a lot of fun just hacking thousands of zombies. It has some problems, like the strict time limits for the story sequences, the save system, and the ungodly difficulty at times, but it is still a blast to play and it is easy to get over its short comings.

Maybe I’ll think of more later, so how about you guys?

Surprises: Castlevania Portrait of Ruin: I didn’t anticipate the gameplay to be so good. The character roles are very fluid and fitting and the music and graphics for the DS are top notch.

FFXII: I expected to like FFXII but it turned out to be not what I expected. While the story was a let down, the game play was excellent and really left an impression on me.

Disapointments: Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: You can’t do the single player in multiplayer. I’m not a mini game person.

Zelda TP: The game made me very very angry very often, like with the difficulty controlling the camera and the tedium from things like collecting the fucking tears. I also despise the fucking art. It seems like the makers didn’t know what image they wanted to convey so they have these ugly and idiotic fucking clown type characters at Hylia lake, the kids from the village and the damn mailman and every time I see them I want to kill them. I ESPECIALLY want to kill that little cunt Midna.


Gears of War - This game does a lot of things right that it’s predecessors did wrong. The three things that I think really kick it up a notch are the realistic camera movements, the dynamic cover system, and especially the inverted axes that let you aim your gun with a more natural, Starfox-like feel. (I think other shooters might have done this already though.)

NHL 2007 - I don’t usually like sports games, but this one does everything right. You can stick-handle, protect the puck, aim your shots, set up the power-play, choose formations, and set your lines. You can do almost anything that’s possible to do in real life hockey and you can do it without getting 12 of your friends together and renting ice. The gameplay is brilliant, the level of detail is beautiful, and there are little things about it that don’t add to the gameplay but give me joy anyway, like ice buildup.


FFXII - Well, this wasn’t really a disappointment since I wasn’t expecting anything to begin with. The gameplay was awful. Actually, calling it awful implies that it was there. It wasn’t. I wasn’t pushing any buttons, even during battles. It was like watching a movie from the second I picked it up to three hours later when I decided it wasn’t worth my time. It had beautiful graphics, but that’s not enough. I’ve gotten more action out of DVD video menus.

Resistance - It’s not a bad game, but after playing Gears of War, all of the little things it does wrong really annoy the shit out of me. I can’t stand how smooth the camera is and the gameplay isn’t as good as GoW’s. Overall it’s an awkward, very ugly game by PS3’s standards. I’m still waiting for Final Fantasy XIII.


Grandia III - fuck you, whoever wrote the “plot.”
Phantasy Star Universe - “ditto,” as far as I am. Somehow the controls are even clunkier than older versions. Switching the goggles on and off is a pain, too.

Test Drive Unlimited- ‘damn, where did those 4 months just go?’

Loco Roco- everyone get happy. :slight_smile:

Zelda TP- for not being as good as Oblivion and for providing a character in Midna even more annoying than Tingle.

Sonic the Hedgehog (360)- for going back in time, finding me as a 10-year old, and repeatedly fucking me up the arse.

Whoa, whoa, whoa - you didn’t like FFXII’s storyline? Am I missing something here? Does the story get craptastic after Giza Plains? I haven’t been playing since I picked up my Wii, but geez, I thought the storyline was a major improvement from the love stories that the recent FF’s have gone over. Plus, it just seemed to pull off the presentation of the cut scenes with a whole lot more flair than before…if anything, I haven’t been able to synch with the music. Not that it’s bad or anything, I’ve just been spoiled by Uematsu’s scores.

…I love Zelda, and I only beat the Forest Temple so far, but I can already tell the whole collecting the tears thing is going to grate on my nerves. I’m just a little surprised that you ignore everything that’s…you know, great about the game, like the gameplay. Is the art that bad to you? I don’t see a problem with it, and the inclusion of the Wiimote should and how immersive it makes the experience kind of eclipsed any major problems to me so far. Bosses are a little easy

I haven’t played it yet, but some people are saying that Xenosaga 3 is actually above mediocore and worth playing. I’m not dissing the franchise are anything, but Xenosaga disappointed me since it was nowhere near as good as Xenogears was. This is a pleasant surprise.

The fact that Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a remake of a DS game I already own and yet I still adore it’s remake is a somewhat expected but nice surprise. Atlus didn’t half-do it; the story’s lackluster presentation is still there (Come on Atlus. It was nice hearing bits of voice acting on the DS, but it’s almost expected of you on a next gen console, and if you’ve already hired people to say “Doctor!”, “I WILL save this patient!” and “Good work Dr. Stiles!” you might as well keep them there to read off the rest of the script), but the game comes off as so much more fun on the Wii. Now just give me a real sequel.


Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, and Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2: These two games marked the first arcade-perfect ports of two of the most popular 2D fighters: Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (in other words, the version of SF2 that people still play). For the fighting game community, who has recieved no less than three shitty ports of SFA3, and BILLIONS of godawful ports of SSF2T, these games meant something really positive.

Guilty Gear XX Slash (Import): The Guilty Gear series is actually GOOD, now. Sucks to be all you fuckers still playing #Reload.

Tomb Raider: Legend: Tomb Raider, in my opinion, got really stupid after the first one; this game singlehandedly rekindled my interest in the series.


FF12: It’s totally my fault that this game dissapointed, because I set up previous expectations for the game. Honestly, if I hadn’t, this wouldn’t be here, cos the game didn’t start out in a way that made me think it was gonna be amazing. So basically, I got a convoluted plot that I saw coming a mile away, and a Dragon Warrior game that auto-battles for you. Moving right along.

Contact: This game starts out with a lot of promise, but just-doesn’t-GO anywhere! Augh.

Grandia 3: WHAT. THE. FUCK. There are no words. You just have to play it to see what I meant. This is definitely top 5 in my book for greatest dissapointments I have ever seen in a video game.

You’re still in Giza? You haven’t even started yet. Just keep playing and come back once you’ve gone through fetch quest #59648, then tell us what you think about the story.

It’s not even the fetch quests - it’s the “I have to spend about 7-9 hours of game time travelling to the next storyline destination, while nothing interesting happens; even then, nothing interesting might happen at my next pertinent destination” that got me.

I have to ask why everyone seems to be hating on Grandia 3. I really enjoyed Grandia 2. I mean, I never played Skies of Arcadia so G2 was the best RPG I played on the Dreamcast.

What’s so disappointing about it?

Edit: Double posted somehow. hate when that happens

It starts off pretty normal. You have your young, goal-driven hero who gets caught up in someone else’s affairs pretty quickly, and naturally this will be of consequence to the whole world.

Here’s the problem: of your first four characters, the two ones that are actually interesting leave early in the game, and never come back. They’re eventually replaced by two uninteresting types, and at the same time the story never takes off when you expect it to. It’s so DULL. It’s not even that it’s predictable and just like the other two Grandia games. The presentation is lackluster and the characters can’t make up for it. It’s like the scriptwriters decided to dump any potential of engaging personalities, dialogue, plot points, etc. when those two characters leave you. The battle system, fine as always, can’t make up for it. Even FF12, with those pointless pieces of garbage Vaan and Penelo (“flotsam” and “jetsam” in my eyes), at least has Fran and Balthier to inject a little life into the narrative at times, and a fairly complex and developed world outside of your party. Grandia III doesn’t.

Mullen, Sin isn’t saying that he doesn’t like FF12 or Zelda, he is just saying that hewas hoping for more. Disappointments aren’t necessarily bad games, they just aren’t as good as you were expecting (which is why Sin just focuses on the bad of the game).

I dunno, the 3DO version of SSF2TX was pretty cool. :slight_smile:

You’re right about TR Legend, btw- add that to the ‘didn’t they do well?’ list. especially on the 360.

I’d have to say FF12 was a bit of a disappointment for me, particularly the orchestra version of Gilgamesh’s theme. My chief complaint is the story. The game play was great, but, after 5 years of waiting, I was expecting a much better story.

I think FF12 might be the only game that was released in 2006 that I bought. :open_mouth:

For people who played SSF2T on the arcade a lot, there wasn’t a single console version of the game that wasn’t seriously messed up.

All Sega versions of the game completely changed the size of the characters, making some combos undoable/creating completely new combos. For a competitive gamer, this is bad; imagine it being something like chess with an extended or shortened playing board.

The PSX/PS2 versions of the game (until CCC2) had volumes of ridiculous glitches (Guile being able to combo in hard attacks from light attacks, a la Darkstalkers, Chun-Li’s Upkicks falling incredibly slowly, only needing two buttons to do 3Punch moves, Vega having glitched out wall-dive inputs, Sagat’s fireballs being much slower than they are originally).

The PC and GBA versions have waaaaay too many differences to go into…

I’ve never played the 3D0 version, but I heard that it removed some move animations entirely, and that you can’t select the “Old” versions of characters (You can select an alternate version of every character based on the previous SF2 installment - this is important because there are a few characters, namely Sagat and T.Hawk, whose “Old” versions are largely wider-used than the normal versions).

Either way, for purists or competitive gamers in the realm of 2D fighters, CCC2 is like a prayer finally answered after SO many fucking years.