Support Our Ribbons!

If you’re as sick of those stupid little car magnets as I am, you’ll dig this site.

In addtition to the fun ones provided, you can have custom ones made.

I want a “my ribbon is bigger than your ribbon” one!

I actually like those car ribbons. That site sucks.

I want to make my own :slight_smile:

The only ribbon that I like is the kind that protects against all status ailments.

Fuck yeah. Although, this would look better due to it being purple.

I love that, 984.

Also, I’ll include filthy whore in mine. Just for you, bebbeh!



Honk Honk!!

(Honking is an offical Language of Big Nutterisms!)

I just got burned by the nutter.

Big Nutter’s sprites are getting bigger. O_o;;

I’l proberby drop them back to 1x…

Aanyways, it’s 2k, not Butter, thinks you’re a whore that will sleep with a certain member of this board.

personally i think the ribbons are a ripoff…

I said nutter, not butter.

Butter is B[STRIKE]ig N[/STRIKE]utter. It’s nick orinating from the regulars.



I give up.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot make sense of him.

patpat There, there…we all have a hard time understanding him.

And if I had a car, it’d most likely have <a href=“’” target="_blanka">this</a> on the bumper.

Oh, that was most excellent! I think it was the second time I laughed today. :smiley: