Support Dragon Hyper Rescue Robot


All they need now is an identical robot with the opposite colour scheme.


… and then it would be the evil twin - just like in Inspector Gadget.

But on another note, this could prove to be quite a helpful little tool. Not only with the construction, and car-wreck examples they had, but no doubt for many other uses.


Meh, it can’t make tea.

Why would that be important?

The idea of a robot mimicking a human’s movements is nothing new; I’m pretty sure it’s already been demonstrated in a few different cases. But never in an actual commercial model.

Robots are cool, but hell to program. -_-


It’s a small robot with a big heart

Because once you’ve rescued someone you’re expected to provide them with blankets and tea.

Why not the opposite, them providing you?

No, they provide you with sexual favors.

But what if I’d prefer tea?

Then you don’t belong here.