Superman Returns

Ok, so it comes out tomorrow and I get to see it tonight. A friend of mine saw it last night because he works at the theater and said it was “supurbly spiffy” to quote him. Not to mention there’s a Spiderman 3 teaser attached.

Anybody else gonna see it when it comes out? I’m pretty excited, it looks awesome.

A Spiderman 3 teaser attached to Superman Returns. HAH.


Fuck I’m going just to see the Spiderman 3 thing. And Superman, I suppose.

I’m planning a ladies’ night on Friday, and we’ll see it then.

3.5 hours and counting. I’m excited hehe

Gonna go go with a group of friends some time this week. Mentioned this to Sorc, but I fucking creamed my pants when I heard Kevin Spacey was playing Luthor. I’ll see anything with him. :smiley:

Sure, just rub it in why don’t you.:too bad: I’ve got to wait for it to come out on DVD (since it’ll probably be out of theaters by the time I get back).

Fuck, 2 and half more months of this bullshit. God damnit. I think I’m gonna lose my fucking mind out here.

It was pretty good.

GOing to see it tonight, as a midnight birthday present. I’m excited.

There’s always torrents, Info, if you get the chance :?

I’ll see it this Friday. Thought I still have some doubts on the plot (Superman just up and leaves Earth for 5 years? Doesn’t even say goodbye to Lois? LEAVES THE FORTRESS UNPROTECTED???) But I’ll give the movie a more fair review after I’ve seen it. Maybe twice. For now, I’m just glad to have the Superman franchise back.

It sucked. This was a pretty boring ass movie.

How was the Spiderman 3 thing?

I’ve seen one trailer I wonder if it was the same :frowning:

It was.

I’ll probably see it Saturday.

All right, we bought tickets tonight for the show tomorrow. They gave me a student discount! :smiley:

I just hope I can be on time for everything we’ve planned - I have to repeat all of the work I did on Wednesday. :\

Just got back from it. Was pretty decent.

I thought so. Im sure alot of people love Superman, but it never really got my attention. Batman on the other hand…well I had a chance to see it (from some hacker thing a friend of mine had) but I passed and watched Click instead at the movies, which wasnt that great mind you. Lets just say that towards the end it made me feel like crap :confused:

I thought it was a decent movie, but it was way too long for what happened.

I was amused by James Marsden playing the “other man in the triangle” yet again. :smiley:

Spiderman 3 trailer was pretty sweet - does this mean Venom’s going to be involved somehow? I thought it was supposed to be Sandman and Hobgoblin… I could just be way behind.

They’re probably saving Venom for the fourth movie and introducing the symbiote in this one.