Superman Returns Teaser Trailer

This is making the rounds in the Net, so many of you likely already saw it, but for those of you who haven’t yet:

Hmm, I still am not quite sold on Rout as Superman, or the darker-toned costume, but this trailer DOES brings some happy Superman: The Movie memories. Can’t wait to see more…

Can be seen in full-screen mode, too.

I’m not particularly interested in Superman. After the kind of action and superheroes we’re used to seeing, his powers and the way he uses it are fairly uninteresting and I don’t find the story particularly compelling.

That’s partly why they killed him off in the early 90s. It gets boring to read about what is essentially a god every month. So, they had to show that he truly wasn’t untouchable (save for that Kryptonite flaw).

Also, good music. I know that theme’s always been a part of Superman, but hearing it made me do the 4th quarter hand routine UGA does at football games. Not that any of you know what that is. >.>

I saw it Thursday night and it was pretty cool. I liked how it had the Krypton music from the first one with Christopher Reeves. I also liked seeing Smallville sequences since I heard that they originally weren’t going to use them and they were just going to build off of the first two superman movies. Despite moving and stuff, the costume still looks like shit. Unlike Batman where making it look more like armor is cool and believable, with Superman it just looks stupid. As for the movie itself, we’ll see when it comes out. I do have higher hopes for it though after seeing the trailer. I really had my reservations, but it looks like it’ll be fine.

I sort of like the Superman story. I like the idea of a individual being able to do anything, but only using that ability to help others.

Why would I want to wait for that to come out when I can just watch Lois and Clark and have the same results.

so good.

Written correctly, Superman can be a very interesting character. The problem is, he’s been mismanaged several times thru the years. First his power levels were allowed to get ridiculously high (we’re talking destroying planets here) thought fortunately that was fixed in the 80’s and now Supes can be hurt or even killed by other powerful beings. Now, the stories have dropped in quality; like most current American superheroes today, he is limited to fighting villains and mantaining the Status Quo when, with his powers, he could improve the World- or at least try.

But the basic concept of Superman- that of an idealist with godlike powers who is torn between saving the World from itself and stepping too far in his right to do so- can and HAS been explored in some great stories, particularly in some great novels of the early 80’s (such as SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF KRYPTON and SUPERMAN: MIRACLE MONDAY) which also explored how human he is, and what it must have been like to grow up the way he did. Sadly, when it comes to the more general media, they just tend to show the superhero aspects and not much more. (Except maybe in SMALLVILLE… haven’t really seen the show, so can’t tell.) Hopefully, as with BATMAN BEGINS, this new movie will show us a far more relatable version of the character.

comic book fans should immediately start collecting All-Star Superman; it ultimatizes the character (restarts the timeline) and has maybe the second best writer/artist partnership out there right now (Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely) working on it.

The only thing I’ve ever liked about Superman was the little speech that Bill said in Kill Bill 2 about him and why he liked Superman’s lore so much.

The whole, all other superheroes need to put on a mask to become the new hero. Spider-man is peter parker in disguise. Batman is really Bruce Wayne in disguise. But Clark Kent is really Superman in disguise.

And that, to me, was a neat thing to think about… But his powers, his costume, and all that jazz just don’t really excite me all that much.

Please tell me he’s not the Goddamn Superman.

In recent years there has been more of an emphasis on Clark Kent and how Superman is what he does and is his identity. It basis this on his being raised by humans and therefore being very human emotionally and mentally. Besides, Clark Kent came before Superman.

If you think this is going to be uncool because Superman is close to being a god, wait until you see Green Lantern by the end of 2006. Now a member of the Green Lantern Corps is truly a god, and there are billions of them (I think the movie will show only one, though).

With a little creativity a GL can do anything. Anyone remember how John Stewart Changed the geography of a whole planet, erecting walls of Earth that touched the clouds in order to avoid war between people, without moving not even a finger? And even their weakness against yellow was defeated at least twice (When Hal learned how to change the color of the ring’s light, and I think that blind toad-like creature also could defeat yellow for he used sound instead of light). Having near omnipotence, all they needed to become gods was omnipresent, which a few GL’s had (one of them was an abstract creature, being everywhere at once) and omniscience, which I think either that priest or the guardians had for a while at some point.

Superman is at best a GL without a ring, at worst something they used for a lower standard when coming up with the first GL from Earth.

Please tell me he’s not the Goddamn Superman.

RC: I think he is, but the All-Star Superman is NOT part of the current continuity, but more like a “look back” at the Silver Age of comics. I’m pretty sure the ‘official’ Supes will remain more Hulk-level in power.

Ren: The power level of the Green Lanterns has been even more inconsistent that Superman’s. Some writers have them battle typical supervillains, and others have them do the kind of stunt you mentioned. Again, these are all ideas left from the Silver Age, when writers would go “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if the hero plugs a volcano?” or something like that and just wrote the stories without much thought about the logic behind them.

Thankfully, for the most part GL stories have been more sober in recent years, but they should deal permanently with the cosmic-level power thing one of these days.

Btw, have you seen Green Lantern : Rebirth? They not only explained why Jordan went evil for a while (good thing) but also reinterpreted the whole yellow-weakness thing (not so good…)