Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Well, they gotta keep innovating a little, but they seem to be item-triggered supermoves or itembased somewhat, and even if it’s not I’m not too worried, SSB games are decent at balancing stuff.

I actually just watched the trailer for the first time because I just got home, but yeah…that was a little wierd. The looks on the other characters faces was priceless though.

I believe this just may have turned the tides of the console war in Nintendo’s favor.

Cardboard box of Doom!!


Also, first party, Little Mac, please. Him and Pit in the same game… hmmmmm makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I now have a reason to go out, buy, and play with a wii.

I have will have endless fun with my Wii :wink:

I will have endless fun with my Wii :wink:

sorry for the double post… my firefox at work failed at life!

They need to put Kickle Cubicle in. That would be awesome. He could freeze enemies then kick them.

I agree. The SSB series is probably one of the most balanced fighters out there, and it’s good fun, too. Supermoves probably won’t change the game too much, and they’re always fun to watch.

Wii= happiness for 1/3 the price of a ps3. :smiley: And finally, finally Waz gets the place he belongs on the roster. :slight_smile:

Woo! Nintendo looks like they’re going to outdo themselves with this game! ;D

Now if they include Lucario, Earthbound and/or Mother 3 characters and ToS characters I can die happy. XD

Heh … it’s beginning to sound like Ultimate Showdown, video-game style …

This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny!
Good guys, bad guys and cheap combos, as far as the eye can see!
And only one will survive, with more than zero HP,
This is the ultimate showdown … of ultimate destiny!

(The only other lyric I can come up with would be from the “everyone ganging up” verse: “… Sheegoth, Sephiroth, every single Prism Ranger …”)

I know what the next console I’m getting is. :smiley:

I want Mike Jones!
Then again, he might not be too different from Ness. Both of them use Yo-yos and psychic powers. Then again, Mike had a huge variety of other weapons as well (he had the upgraded yo-yos in 1, plus the Axe, Dagger, and Katana in 2, and the whole array of special weapons) so he could have a lot to choose from. (I bet he’d get Magic Mirror as Down+B or something stupid like that.)


I haven’t even had breakfast yet and I see this. THat’s the way to start the day. XD

The big orgams for me was the special moves (giving an opponent a HUGE beating was always the best thing about the SSB games) Pit and Metaknight.

Especially Pit. I mean, Kid Icarus was the first game I ever beat on NES. Actually, it was the first game I ever beat, period.
If I just get a Wii and SSB:B my life will be complete… Until the next SSB game arrives. ^^

Since the super moves seem to be item-based, then it shouldn’t be a problem to turn it off like certain items in the previous games.

My group always turns off the hammer and pretty much all life-restoring items.

I remember when my high school video game clubl played the N64 version and the item rule of having only Pokeballs on a highest appearance level. It was frickin’ insane!

Like a year ago, we turned off all items but Pokéballs and kept it that way since. We used to have them on Very High frequency, but we since toned it down to Low (sometimes Medium). Also, with 2.0x damage ratio. Mostly in Flat Zone.

I’m still rooting for Little Mac in the game. Close-combat all the way; no sissy projectiles.

All I know is when SSB:B comes out I’m callin up 19 buddies for a massive tournamant.

Hurrah, now I’ve even more reason to like (the) Wii!