Super Smash Brothers Brawl

My pants are full of cream now. :frowning:

And so the Lord of Nintendo said: Let there be motherfucking Kid Icarus and motherfucking Meta Knight, and it was good, bitches.

I need not say more.

Okay, I do need to say

Suits are for pussies.


Oh, I am so in love. Kitty wants!

Wait… what? They’re putting Solid Snake in. Holy SHIT.

I believe there is another announced character you guys have missed.

But then, who would notice him hiding under that there cardboard box, hmmm?

Uhm… sure. Noone noticed him at all.

What the hell is Nintendogs doing in there?

It means you’ll get to kick a puppy.

Trailer Here. Because GameSpot sucks royal amounts of things that are sucked. Same with ign.

Excuse me whilst I go perform my happy dance up and down the block.

is still hoping that Mike Jones makes the cut

Holy balls.

After a little research, I found that Nintendo and Hal Labs have put together <A HREF=“”>a website for the game</A> with a personal “blog” from the game creator himself. There, you can download the theme for the game, as composed by Nobuo Uematsu (no, not a typo, Final Fantasy’s Uematsu is doing the title theme for SSBB, much like Kojima is contributing Solid Snake).

I know. It’s like: Super Smash Bros. was always made of win and awesome. Now it’s added pwnage to the mix.

Now if it could only induce orgasm, it’d be the perfect game.

The nuclear fart attack was a little gross.


Damn it! I’m at work and I need a new pair of pants!

Seriosly though, this makes making my decision to get Wii so much easier.


I thought it’s awesome that Kojima himself proposed this, seeing Snake in makes me wonder if other 3rd parties followed his lead.


Who knows. Time will tell, and possibly the 2nd trailer when they release one.

Samus… finally…

Nintendo owes me a new pair of testicles.

Kid Icarus… Excellent. Excuse me, “Pit.”

If they really continue getting 3rd party characters, then screw Sonic, I want Megaman.

I wonder how the GameFAQs board is reacting to this.

Of course, I’m not too sure I wanna know.


One complaint, though… some of these screenshots look like “supermoves”…