Super Robot Taisen W

Rejoice lovers of giant robots kicking ass in very flashy ways,because soon we may have to import and Im finally glad they decided to make it for the DS.

Couple of screenshots. :slight_smile:

So does this have voice acting? That’d just be glorious but I don’t really see it happening.

X Astray… that means Canard… fuck, I really need to learn Japanese ;_;

Wait? could it be? is that Voltron I’m seeing in the pics? Have they finally decided on adding him? This is great!

Glad to see more tekkaman blade in the game.
I don’t recognize the second picture somebody want to inform?
Gao Gai Gar and final Nuff said.
I’m not seeing Mazinger,wonder if that is good or bad?

Edit:My bad on mazinger did not see page 4 due to slow internet

Doubtful. The series count is pretty high and they barely had room on a dvd 5 for all the voices in Alpha 3, so I don’t see a DS cart standing a chance. It also looks to have SRW J’s one portrait per character syndrome, which kinda sucks.

It does, however, have GaoGaiGar (and Final) and supposedly some of the Shin Getter Robo manga stuff that is absolutely insane. They have at least one character from GGG that was conspicuously absent from SRWA3 (Gekiryujin, the Chinese Choryujin clone with better attacks).

Woot. Let’s go Voltron Force.

hmm… will this be coming stateside?

One can hope, the robots that tend to cause license issues in the US are mysteriously absent…

It’s not really any specific robots that cause issues, so much as there being zillions of hands grabbing for money, due to so many companies owning the rights to various shows. This does look like somewhat less of a nightmare than usual, plus the Golion is a rather odd choice given how it is all but forgotten in Japan but holds a bit of nostalgia value here. All the series in W besides Detonator Organ have had US releases in recent years, which makes one wonder. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, though.

A better thing to hope for would be for Aeon Genesis to not announce that they are translating it and then more or less give up (I’m looking at you SRW Alpha :argh:)