Super Princess Peach

Just got this. I had been looking forward to this one for some time. It’s been too long since Nintendo’s made a new 2D platformer.

Having just played through the first world so far, this game be’s good. The gameplay is definately solid. You have Peach, you have a talking umbrella, and you have a number of nifty abilities to help you do things.

Judging solely from what I’ve experianced so far, I would definately reccomend this one.

What is THIS? I’m suddenly interested :open_mouth:

DS platformer starring Peach, just released. In a few weeks it gets company from a new mario bros. game.

THAT I want to get too.

Crap, is Peach already out? I guess I’ll have to go buy that tonight.

It just came out yesterday.

She has VIBE POWERS. :smiley: