Super Paper Mario

Anyone else gotten this yet? I just finished Chapter 1-1, and I’ll probably play more tonight. I enjoy the fact that the game seems to have a lot of dialogue, but other than that, if you ask me, the game is decidedly only decent.

You’ve only played 1-1, it gets way better. The dialogue is really what makes the game shine, the script is hilarious. But the gameplay is really good too, and it gets more complex once you get more characters, pixls, etc. I just finished 3-4 (most awesome boss setup ever), and my only real gripe is that it doesn’t seem like it’s going to last as long as most predictions (about 20 hours).

Is it a lot like the previous one? I hate that game. I t hought the script was terrible, that it tried to hard to be funny, and Mario’s “woo! woo-hoo!, etc” grated on my nerves quick. I found the game to be boring as hell, and way too easy, and yet it felt like it was a lot longer than it was.

While I thought the Paper Mario series was ridiculously hilarious, I never finished any of the games (ok, I only played Paper Mario: TTYD, but that’s a detail!). I thought the game got boring after the first half mainly because it was repetitive and the humor was not enough to keep my interest. So yeah, how does it compare to the previous ones in that respect?

DR, it isn’t anything like the previous ones ecept for maybe the story structure. It is pretty much Super Mario Bros with the look of Paper Mario and RPG elements.

I’m loving the game so far. The whole 2d/3d thing is awesome and I love the traditional Mario elements, such as seeing the original SMB level was cool. I don’t care too much for the dialogue and I find it kind of boring. It is a great game though.

I loved the first two Paper Marios, but this game isn’t like them gameplay-wise at all. Though if you didn’t like the first two, it’s probably a stretch that you may like this one.

The gameplay is significantly different from the first two Paper Mario games, mainly because of the fact it isn’t turned-based.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE Super Paper Mario. So far, I’m on Chapter 3-3… been stuck there for a few days…meh… :\ I do admit though, I like how it’s harder than the first one. Can’t really say how it compares to the second one, seeing how I haven’t beat it.