Super Matrix Brothers

Already seen it,but still very cool.Must have been a pain to use more than 3000 sprites.


Man… that was pretty good.

I feel like I should be impressed by the amount of work that must have gone into that, but I’m really just disappointed.

Man, the guy put so much work into it, and yet I didn’t really find any part I liked.

Cool but that was a little much.

But boring.

I’d like to see someone remake Star Wars with mario characters!

Well, actually…

Now Super Console Wars was a good one! Any idea when the next’ll be made?

…whoa. :hahaha;

Heh preety cool

Theres one in 3D. I guess thats the 3rd.

That was sweet.
A lot of work must have gone into that.

Dat was PRETTY good. Tell you what, dey can have low-grade sugar-free … chocolate skim milk from now on. </STRONG BAD ALBUM REFERENCE>

Amusing. Not worth needing 3000 sprites to make though, IMO. I liked Link as Link and Samus as Trinity though.

Link as Link is kinda obvious, though what I found interesting was how close it was (more or less) to the actual thing in the movie. Not as much Bullet Time, though.

My point exactly. That’s why I liked it.