Super happy fun-fun sketch-sketch pineapple time

Yes, the paper is wrinkled. Criticism plz

Aww… that’s very cute. And I think it’s pretty well done!

The only real problem I see would be Cless’ (I think Cless is the one in the front, right?) arm. It looks as if it’s floating in front of him; not really attatched to his body. But other than that, it’s really nice! Very clean and fun to look at!

That’s a beautiful handwriting. :stuck_out_tongue:

The eyes are nice, even though Chester’s look rather misplaced. The hair is all right too, but it could be more detailed, just like the characters’ outfits.

I think the hands and feet are too small and the shoulders too low. I suppose you added Arche and Chester at the end because their position is weird. And you need to work more on the girls’ breasts. :stuck_out_tongue:

As Dalton stated with much emotion, it’s a fun pic to look at (because group pics are cool). :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. :cool:

(I’d say more, but I suck at critiquing.)

Since it’s a group pic (Which I always have problem with, thanks to positioning), I only have one real thing to comment on:

Little by little, start adding some small details. Worked for me, probably works for you. Okthxbye. Love it.

Could you try a SoM group next? ^^

Arche’s arm/hand is too small and the contours in it are weird and don’t make sense.
And Chester looks really high. I dunno if that was intentional or not. :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah, I second Walhalla, the girls not having breasts just makes it look unreal in not a good way. And I’m not just talking from my hormones here. Really. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Yep, I redrew Arche’s arm like 10 times and I thought “What would Captain America do in this situation?” so I left it stupidly drawn.

Cless’ arm is supposed to uh, be there :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s not obvious on this first look because I didn’t add any details, but it’s there :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot the end of the broom, so uh, sorry if Chester looks like he’s floating in the air. He’s supposed to be sitting on the broom too.

As for the breastless wondergirls, I can’t do too much about it. Both of them wear stupid starched clothes or something (I looked some pics for details on clothes) I guess I could not stay true to the character and make them more female :stuck_out_tongue:

I second Dalton’s remark about Cless’ arm, especially since you should be able to see some of it between Mint’s head and her arm. As well, I would add that Arche’s hair probably shouldn’t be as “in motion” as it is, unless this is her about to fly off and run into Chester (not that I could blame her for wanting to do that…).

To be a bit more positive, I think you did a great job with Mint as a whole, including her staff. If this was to be coloured in, I think it would be really good. And finally, the lettering is fantastic.

Apart from the good tips you’ve already gotten, I recommend adding some more shadows. It’s a bit flat right now. But it’s a cute pic :slight_smile:


Cute, though the head seems a little big, it’s rather out of proportion coupled with the rest of the body.

Those are both good, Cless. The only thing is that Cless’s face in the first drawing looks a bit distorted, but I’m not complaining. Great job.:cool:

Yeah… I always seem to have trouble with head/body proportions. Thanks for the tips/comments!

Damnit- you tricked me… I wanted to see a pineapple sketch! :frowning:

Well, I lied. What can I say.