Super Fighting Robot Megaman

Hey dose anyone remember that show Megaman? I was wanted to know if anyone knows if it’s on VHS or DVD?

I’ve got two of the videos around my house somewhere.

Well I guess I should now ask the question: Do they still sell them?

I found a few eps on a few hubs in DC++…


Ye flaming GODS, I remember that show…yes, it WAS quite corny. But I loved it nonetheless. Though I still wonder why they went and made Protoman evil…


Because of MM5 ({I think}, because I never played it but I read about it so I could be wrong) in MM5 you think Proto is evil until the very end. So those who haven’t beat it don’t find out. And I think that’s where the got the Idea. But I can’t stress enough about the fact that I could be wrong.

That’s not it at all.

In MM5, you THINK Protoman is the bad guy, but it turns out to really be a clone named Darkman that Wily made to frame Protoman.

Oh yeah I also remember reading that too thanks.

The series is available on DVD.

Great Thanks I’ll look for it.

I remember that show. Da na na na Super fighting robot! Da na na na Mega Man!! I thought it was pretty cool when it was on…granted I was like 12 or 13 at the time.