Super Bowl

So, what’re y’all doing for the game today? Myself, I slept until 5 PM and then I just chowed on snacks and wings while playing video games. Not a big fan.

As for the game itself, from what I’ve seen thus far (and it’s not a lot), it’s a pretty well-played game. I’m on the “he didn’t cross” side, but eh. It’s too far past now.

And what of that 70+ run for a TD just now?

I was working my pizza delivery job. Which sucked. Because despite what we expected, no one was ordering. I made $29 tips in 9 hours. That’s worse than most Mondays, and I only work 4 hours then. I blame the cheap bastards who didn’t tip well. Yeah, punish me because our store stopped accepting checks like a year ago. Jerk.


The Super Bowl, unfortunately, continued the trend of bad officiating in this year’s playoffs.

Both teams played okay, but the officials were not nearly up to the task (and in fact I think they may have taken the game away from Seattle). I’d like to see this game played again, with more competent men in the stripes.

Does this mark the end of the NFL Playoffs thread? Anyway…

Terribly officiated game. That offensive pass interference called on the Seahawks early in the game literally took away a touchdown (not only was there hardly any contact, but the defender didn’t have a chance to make a play on the ball anyway… and you can’t call pass interference when somebody doesn’t have a play on the ball), and in Pittsburgh’s first touchdown, Roethlisberger didn’t break the plane of the endzone (but there’s really no way they could have reversed that call… there wasn’t indisputable evidence). Then there was the penalty on Hasselbeck when he tackled the guy who intercepted the ball, but they called him for an illegal BLOCK, even though he wasn’t blocking anybody, he was tackling somebody. Huh? (Although, to be fair, that play didn’t have much of an impact on the game, but still, 15 yards is 15 yards). And there was a few questionable holding calls, but it’s tough to complain about them.

But despite all that, Pittsburgh still probably deserved to win, if for no other reason, than because the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks was absolutely awful. What the fuck were they doing on the last drives of the two halves? The worst part about it all is that my dad is ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that the refs were paid off, and that the Seahawks should have won, I’m just convinced that the refs happened to make a couple bad calls, and the game should have just been closer. Plus that trick pass that Randel El threw was enormously awesome, I must admit.

I’m glad Bettis got his ring, but I’m kind of bummed out that Joey Porter got a ring too. =( Hopefully the Seahawks will be back.

Also they got, what, a 75-yard breakaway?

Yeah, the Steelers had two tremendous plays. Other than that, they were pretty mediocre.

For what it’s worth, this was probably the most “meh” Super Bowl in recent history.

It was only “meh” because it ended up being an 11 point win. It was only an 11 point win because of the aforementioned bad calls. No bad calls = a close game = an exciting game.

Besides, no game with a double reverse, followed by the wide receiver throwing a ~50 yard touchdown pass can be “meh”. I <3 trick plays.

A game can still be “meh” with a couple of bright spots. I guess I was just tired of two weeks of “DID YOU KNOW JEROME BETTIS IS FROM DETROIT” spiels.

The only bad call I truly saw was the Hasselbeck chopblock call. The push off, while weak, was still a push off and a penalty. Just because other push offs don’t get called, that doesn’t make that one a bad call. It makes the other ones bad no calls. Also, I honestly think the ball broke the plane, and as you said, there’s certainly no way to over turn it.

I’m glad it’s over. =)


Even if he wouldn’t have pushed off, the defender would have had no chance to make a play on the ball. Hell, I’m not even sure the push off had any effect on his momentum anyway, and he STILL wasn’t anywhere close to the ball (the ball was thrown far to the opposite side of the receiver). THAT’S the main reason I have a problem with that pass interference call… you can’t make that call when the person doesn’t have a chance to make a play on the ball.

If part of the rule concerning offensive pass interference says you can’t push off of the defense, it’s offensive pass interference.

I’m actually a little pissed because I wanted the Steelers to break the 12 point spread I wanted. 984 is right though, about pretty much everything he’s said in this thread, the pushoff call, while it in particular stands out, was a valid call, if weaaaaakkkkkk. Hell, even the commentators said it was valid( IIRC)

As an extra piece of info, I fucking HATE the steelers because of the rabid fanboyism I dealt with last season in teh desert.

In other news, there was a trailer for a sequel to Pirates of the Carribean during the game.

It’s got drunken Johnny Depp running from zombie pirate ghosts, Orlando Bloom waving a sword aroudn trying to be a hero, and Keira Knightley wielding Flintlocks, so, this’ll probably go over well with a lot of posters here. Yeah, POTC sequel coming, all you fans out there in RPGC (quite a few) get excited.

I liked the the first Ameriquest commercial. The one with the doctors, defibrillater, and the fly.

It was only on in my room 'cause that’s the only way I could get people to come play Axis and Allies. To my advantage, this means that I did get to see some hot giant robot + monster loving on TV (the Hummer commercial).

I just read the NFL rule for “pass interference”, and as suspected, it’s horribly written.

This is the part of the rule that actually explains what pass interference is. And makes it seem like this case WASN’T pass interference, since there’s no way that that push-off signficantly hindered the progress of the defender to catch the ball. Even with no contact, there’s no way he could’ve reached it, or even attempted a play on it.

But in the examples (“Actions that constitute offensive pass interference include but are not limited to”), it explicitely says that pushing off the defender to create separation IS pass interference. But in the actual rule itself (as quoted), this push off probably shouldn’t have been pass interference (the push off DID NOT hinder his ability to catch the ball in any way). The way I interpret it, the language the rule itself uses should over-ride hypothetical situations listed below the rule, should a contradiction between the rule and the examples below the rule exist. But that’s just me.

And the commentators just said it was really ticky-tack. At least Michael Irvin and Steve Young did at halftime. I can’t remember what John Madden and Al Michaels said during the game.

By the way, that Hummer commercial is old. I saw it a couple weeks ago. And actually, all the commercials were pretty bad (as usual). I think the only one I liked was the Sierra Mist one… and I guess the Clydsdale colt Budweiser one was kind of cute.

Madden and Michaels said something about the arm being fully extended (I would assume that means it’s pushing off rather than a bent arm).

And yeah, it’s not really pass interference. Instead, it should be covered in a separate rule of pushing off of another player (same number of yards though). It would avoid situations such as this where it’s not pass interference, yet it is.

That was one of the better ones they had on.