Just found out that EU gets software patents.

Sorry, I’m a weeeeeeee bit pissed right now and I’m inventing new swearwords as I’m writing this.

There goes the software innovations… >_<

Wert. More info. Now.

It doesn’t look half as bad as I suspected actually. 364 voted for, 153 against and 33 abstained. For the short version read

Here’s the (shorthand) directive itself;

And this is the entire debate before the vote.

Of course, copyright should be enough protection for software; we don’t need any stinking software patents. But they do have a point that there needs to be restrictions on the EPO.


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First Post Analyst: Okay, so … does having Cat-Mayl express interest mean Yar isn’t interested at all?

Second Post Analyst: Dunno … could mean he’s too lazy to actually look at any of those links, and wants more info in the thread itself. Or not.

I wish we’d use the infamous ‘Screw you EU Directive’ ability, but that’s not very likely to happen. And if they did, it’d be a first.