…are fracking addictive.

I bought myself a pair of blue mirrorshades for use in the car (to reduce glare) and now I find myself wearing them inside. I swear to God that its addictive, it is.

What kind of sunglasses do you have, if any?

I have good sunglasses, is what I have.

I have a really awesome pair of black ones, which really help me see better when I’m playing tennis.

I have a pair of black ones I used to wear a lot, I just sorta stopped wearing them though.

No snuglasses, I need to buy some big clip on glasses, since my new glasses are big.

Tintin glasses lenses

I have a 90$ pair of Aviators, bling bling.

They even came with a warrenty lol.

EDIT: I also have a pair of goggles(CyberGoth/Rivethead) With Metallic blue frames with Yellow Lenses.

I love my Oakleys. I have three pairs, and each has a black frame with black lenses. In order of purchase, for those of you up on your style names, I have Fives, Minute, and C Wire.

I’d like to get a pair that has colored lenses with almost no frame so I can be all cool and movie star-like. My boyfriend has some blue ones like what I want (we were trying on sunglasses, and we turned around to see each other wearing the same pair), but I was crazy enough to buy them for him and not for myself.

edit - I wear my sunglasses all the time. It comes from my lifeguarding days when we wore them even during thunderstorms.

Nah… I just have regular glasses… but I could use a nice pair of sunglasses for this summer…

i think a pair of schmits gay flipdowns are in order as well

hmm Vicki’s rich AND was a lifeguard…hmmm indeed >.>

I wear no name black metal frame with semi rectangular reflective lenses. I broke the other ones-_-… I love my shades.

Vicki=Pamela Andersen’s understudy?

And what are “schmits gay flipdowns”, Sil?

Originally posted by Sinistral
hmm Vicki’s rich AND was a lifeguard…hmmm indeed >.>

What’s that look for, Sin? =) That’s one of the most lol-ing things I’ve heard today! Honestly, you don’t want to see my paycheck. Really. You don’t.

I just accumulated my collection over time, and I bought after a style had been out a little while and therefore prices went down a little. My most recent pair I bought at a store closing sale, so they weren’t obscenely expensive.

I have a pair myself, but I rarely wear them.

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
[b]Vicki=Pamela Andersen’s understudy?

And what are “schmits gay flipdowns”, Sil? [/b]

It’s a reference to a classic SNL spoof of beer commercials. One of those ones where they pop open the beer and a suddenly a dilapidated house turns into a vibrant pool party. The twist of course is that the beer is called “Schmidt’s Gay” and instead of the usual beer-selling vacuous chick models, it’s a bunch of well-cut guys in speedos. And the main players (Adam Sandler and the late Chris Farley) have flip-down sunglasses that they flip up at certain points in the commerical to check out some of the guys.

They’re like the special flip sunglasses baseball players have, only more colorful, because they’re A) in a beer commercial and B) being worn by gay guys (insert every tired stereotype joke about gay men and enhanced fashion sense / flamboyant clothing taste here).

I’m going to make an avatar with me in my Aviators.

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Blue tint, good choice. Those are my favorite.

I wear my sunglasses at night. So I can, so I can, Keep track of the visions in my eyes.

Kickass ones. They’re nameless, black frame, glasses an almond- like shape with small silver wings on top of them. I love them ^^

I got two pairs of sunglasses which I don’t know their names (I didn’t even know sunglasses had names before seeing this thread). One has a cromium-colored frame, the other is completely black.