YAAAA! It’s another favourite “FF Whatever”

So what is your favourite Summon(s) in the Final Fantasy series?

Mines Ark,Madeen,Bahamut(FF8),Leviathan(FF8), Knights Of The Round, Hades, Choco/Mog, Chocobo,Phoenix(FF9),Odin(FF8),Ifrit(FF8)Doomtrain,Tonberry,Eden, Anima, Valefor, The Magus Sisters, Alexander(FF9 even though you can’t use him he is still cool) Ya so thats all, so post your fav summons here:cool:

My favourite summons are Yojimbo, Bahamut (8) and Odin (7).

And by the way where has this band wagon of “Favourite Whatever” threads come from. Haven’t we had all this sort of things loads of times before. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

I rather favor FF7’s line of summons. Odin (Gungnir - where he throws his spear into the sky, and it parts the clouds) is just beautiful to me. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Alexander.

Leviathan and Alexander have always been my favorites.

I like the specialized last summons you get (Ark, Eden, Anima, etc.), because their animations are just cool, and you don’t get sick of them cause you get them so late, you don’t use them too much. And you can always count on Ifrit the Burninator in a pinch.

I’d have to say Bahamut from FFIV. He’s got a simple majesty to him and his summon doesn’t take 50 billion years.

That was back in the days when they’d appear, do their thing and disappear. Nowadays they always want to wank it for a good while first.

Bahamut(vii,ix), Madeen (ix) Anima(x), Shiva (x) Titan (vii) are all I can think of right now…

Quazencoatl, Shiva, Odin, the character from FF8 with the numerous blades, and Anima! The sisters from FF10 were fun too!

The sisters make it too easy. I like the summons where they get in, get out, and get on with the battle. It makes them more mysterious.

Ziggy, the dude with the swords in 8, was called Gilgamesh.

Leviathan (9)

Diablos (8), Shiva (10), and Chocobo (7). Really now, a giant chocobo falling out of the sky and squishing your enemies is 360 degrees of awesome.

That’s right. Thanks ^^!

He was also in FF5 as a lacky to X-Death and in FF9 as a tetra card player, correct?

My favorite Summons, overall, have always been the silly ones ( chocobo, Imp, Cait Sith, etc.) as long as they were at least marginally useful.

Visually, I think the ones in FFVIII were the best, specially Shiva.

My favorite type of Summons were the Aeons in FFX. Finally, Summons who stick around to help you!! (My favorites ones were Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters.)

Ugliest Summon ever: Anima. Funny how it turned out to be a kid, eh?)

Summon I want to see return: Knights of the Round Table. They don’t all have to attack, but I want to see them done in modern graphics!

Actually, it turned out to be Seymour’s Mother.

Purely for saving my ass (and because this is a “before I go to bed so there’s not too much though” answer), Asura from FFIV and Phoenix from FFIX (the only time it showed up for me was in my fight with Ozma, and thanks to it I managed to win).

The kid is Bahamut, the dragon summon.

KOTR hands down. You went through hell to get it, but made the rest of the game far too easy. Also the Magus Sisters. You get Yuna far enough on the sphere grid, and they can kick ass so much it’s rediculous. Not only was I able to handle roughly half of the monster arena with them, but I killed Sin and Seymour (the last seymour) in one hit. Pitiful.