Summoner: Opinions?

I was digging through the bargain bin at an EB when I came acoss a copy of the PS2 game Summoner for $5.99. So I decide to grab it. I was just wondering what the general opinion around the boards was of this game. It seems decent to me so far, but I’m only half an hour into it.

It’s actually pretty good. Not the best, but not terrible.

Interesting story line; decent graphics; the battle system can be tough to master, but once you’ve got it, it is an easy way to own.

Over all I liked it. Still have my copy. =)


Summoner 2 is good also, though not as epic as the first one. The main character is female which is a bonus albeit an ugly female…

I liked Summoner. It’s a good game. There are a huge number of quests to work through, and since it’s very hard to get them on the first time through, it warrants a play back. Well it did in my opinion.

It’s not in my collection, therefore it SUCKS!

…or I just haven’t had the time or the money to actually hunt it down :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard it was good.

I am also Considering Purchaisng Summoner then Summoner 2 soon.

Non-Spoiler reveiews please!

Summoner 1 is worth it just for the joke video. :smiley:

yea. Summoners is one of those games that seems to have got a bad rap even though it is a fun game. I only played the first one as a rental, but I played almost non-stop while I had it. I’ve thought about going back and getting it a few times, but haven’t. Not sure how the rest of the series turned out.

Well so far there are only two in the series. I’m not even sure you can call two games a series.

The second one wasn’t as good, as the first in my opinion. It just had a totally different feeling to the first one. And since the first one had such an intense atmosphere(with the attack from the North continent), it just didn’t feel right.