Summon thingies

Hey ,
i was wondering what those green bubbles that come out of a charachter when u summon are. I always thought that they were just signs of energy or somthin. so does anoyone know what they are?

your guess is as good as mine.

which final fantasy are you talking about here? i assume the tenth?

ii never played ten but most of the FF’s have the bubbles comin out when u summon

mmm, i have to pay more attention to that as i don’t seem to recall those bubbles.

I think it’s caviar. SUMMON caviar!

is caviar eggs? so its the eggs hatching

lmao! there’s a new thought… Summon eggs… wonder how much those would sell in expensive foreign resturants…

I always figured it was summon fairies popping out to give a friendly hello there and pass along the message

Fairies: “Um… excuse us… Shiva?? You’re needed…”
Shiva: doing nails A–GAIN!!? Geeze this is the 10th time today!! how’s a girl suppose to maintain looking like this when I’m always saving their butts!!?


Yeah, they’re in basically every FF that has summons.

And they’re just a funky effect, similar to the wavy thing that happens when you do magic.

Magic in RPG’s = Pretty Light Effects

That’s the way it’s always been :slight_smile: No one ever needs or supplies a reason for it.

it’s just some effect they put in the game.
i mean there’s no reason 2 make a huge deal out of it…

Green bubbles with red in the center. They have the same basic design as the Magicite in 6, and I think they were born in 4. Its basically another FF tradition.

I always thought they were symbols, some look like writing…