Summer-to-do list

So, uh, what are ya’ll going to be doing over the summer? You know, like goals or whatever?

  1. Learn how to ride a bike
  2. Finish my shrine before school starts
  3. Finish reading Roots and Queen
  4. Write ten, somewhat good, short stories
  5. Visit SMU’s Guildhall

I was going to learn how to swim, but, I decided against that one.

Anyone else got something in particular their trying to do?

P.S. Oh, and happy Memorial Day! Don’t use it as an excuse to get drunk either on a day off, now. It’s for remembering soldiers ya know?

I just found out that i have no grades in spanish, because i never took any of the quizzes, and i never paid attention so now i have no idea HOW to take the quizzes.

So basically, my goal is now, “dont-go-to-summer-school-for-spanish”.

  1. Lose weight…self explanatory.
  2. Get better at the guitar.
  3. Work out more.
  4. Complete DMC 3 on Dante Must Die mode.

My summer vacation ^^:

*Practice on both of my instruments with the group
*Get better at instrument
*Get a summer job
*Redecorate my room
*Get more involved (business wise)
*compose songs
*buy more goddamn games
*Get a laptop (my last one got stolen,the bloody bastard)
*go shopping for…whatever
*and just basically hang out with friends
*try to go camping
*broaden my horizens in cooking

  1. lose weight, and gain more muscle.
  2. buy a new bass guitar.
  3. get a better tan.
  4. make wolfwoods cross punisher for a convention.

Thats it really, i guess. If not it wasnt good enough to put down.

Build up some muscle tone.
Continue working on my story.
Get some rest, after my exams.
Prepare for university.

And that’s that.

1- Wait for the summer to come to do a list.

Edit: Happy Memorial Day? You fool, today is Kor Day >:E

Playthrough Xenogears
Find another translator for Gaiden

Rent a few movies and games

BBQ & pick blackberries

Pass Pre-Algebra class (ugh -.-)

Make some plushies =^_^=

build up some muscle for next season
get a job so I have enough cash for the gym
be lazy
proceed to ‘waste’ all my money on CDs

Program the video streamer

Get a workable understanding of P-chem

Study 300 or so more kanji

Sort all the random files in my computers.

Read more fiction.

Psh don’t use a gym…waste of money just do a crapload of pushups on your knuckles…works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would do pushups but i do enough at training, plus the point is i want to gain weight, I only weigh 9 stone, it aint that much.

why does every one want to lose weight? i’ve been trying to gain weight for 17 years and i’m still underweight. damn my hyper metabolism!!!

:moogle:wait your complaning about not being able to gain weght?

its not that fun during the winter anyway heres my list

[li]visit relatives down south
[/li][li]beat all the games I got during the school year. all 120 of them
[/li][li]buy that buster sword replica at the mall
[/li][li]make the worlds most spicy chiley
[/li][li]spend three days in a comma after tasting chili
[/li][li]teach cousins to play dungeons and dragons
[/li][li]get a new job
[/li][li]see advent child
[/li][li]continue search for final fantasy 3 (you will be mine)
[/li][li]hang around here and pester hades ;’ )
[/li][li]go on a summer adventure with friends ( hopefuly one filled with ninjas, and atractive woman or both yes atractive ninja woman!!)
[/li][STRIKE][*]ruin michael jacksons career by making fake claims of child molestation[/STRIKE][/ul]

-get a job
-jam with friends
-get a job
-see metal shows
-get a job
-get intoxicated
-hmmmm oh yeah, get a job!

Amen to that. I’m 105 lbs and sixteen years old. Well, I have been trying to gain some weight and muscle too but eh…

  1. Sleep.
  2. Martial Arts.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Reupload Alexandria Screenshots.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Kill dogs.
  7. Sleep.
  8. Kill Darkness Beckons.
  9. Kill more dogs.
  10. Sleep.
  1. Knock a number of things off my reading list - Tacitus, Ovid, Lucretius, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and a couple books by a skeptic. For starters.

  2. Put on a little more weight. I’m 5’7 and 135lb, which is 10lb more than last year. I’m going running and playing frisbee, so it’s all in the legs right now.

  3. Finish the SoM shrine.

<strike>4. Kill a drifter.</strike>

There’s probably more. I’ll remember it as the summer goes on.

[strike]women[/strike]things to do this summer.

  1. Save up more money.
  2. See at least 1 metal show.
  3. Finish Skies of Arcadia Legends or Paper Mario 2.
  4. Purchase a PS2?
  5. Try to get laid
  6. Get a Colorado ID(I still run around with my Ohio ID)
  7. Find an apartment and/or a roommate(preferably a roommate who either tokes or is okay with it)
  8. Smoke some pot.
  9. Hit up some bars.
  10. Get better at Guitar
  11. put on a little weight. I’m 6’3’’ and 155 lbs.
  12. Play basketball
  13. Learn to sing and play guitar at the same time.
  14. Consider my options for the future.
  15. Turn in my application for culinary school
  16. prepare for it if accepted, prepare for other shit if not.
  17. consolidate my debt.
  18. get the hell out of my parents house.

Martial arts.
Build muscle.
Gain weight. I have the same problem. Stupid metabolism. >:E
Stop Nul killing dogs.
Finish shrine before summer is out.
Rebegin work on fic.