Summer Sanitarium

I went to it last night, left at around 2:30 for a 3:00 show, and got back at like, 2 am. I was exhausted, so I didn’t put anything up last night. I was a bit wary about the venue, which is Turner Field, the Braves Basesball Stadium, is not famous for its acoustic value. During baseball games, you can hardly hear the announcer.

However, the show was absoluty incredible. It opened up with Mudvayne, who weren’t really all that good in concert - I was kinda surprised. I was looking forward to seeing them, but meh, whatever. I got there a little late. However, I came upon an intersting paradox involving another band that was supposed to play - The Deftones. I got there at 3:10, the show started at 3:00. Mudvayne was on stage, and they played until 3:30, where I assume they took a small break, but then they came back on. I never saw the Deftones play, however other bands asked the crowd how they thought they played.

Anyway, after the mediocre performance of Mudvayne, came Linkin Park. I wasn’t too sure how they’d do, I had heard both good and bad things about their live performances. Overall, I was thoroghly impressed. They worked the crowd much, much better than Mudvayne did (maybe because now there were a lot more people there - I get the feeling mudvayne didn’t draw a lot of concert goers.) Which brings me to an interesting observation - the later in the show it got, the more people seemed to show up. Anyway, Linkin Park played a good show. Like I said, they got the crowd pretty excited, and their new songs play pretty good live and loud.

After a 30 minute break, around 5:30-6:00 (I forget what time), Limp Bizkit came on. I was impressed with their set list, I was expecting some of their more rappy stuff, but no, they played a lot of their heavier rock sounding songs. Opening with “Choclate Star Fish and Hot Dog Flavored Water” and closing with “Faith”, the show was exciting from beginning to end. Towards the end, we had a bit of a rowdy crowd - before Faith, they played Nookie. Fred Durst left the stage and walked around the field (the warning track was a place you could walk on, although it was mostly patrolled by Event Staff), and Durst walked along in front of the warning track and then sang parts of the songs on top of the dugouts, which I thought ruled because back where I was sitting, while the show was still excellent, you got kinda jealous of those who managed to get onto the field (which brings me to another point, but I’ll talk about that later). I got pretty close to him, which was cool. He smiled at us, it was spiffy.

After Limp Bizkit, we had an hour of waiting for Metallica, which was pretty well occupied with a vast tittie showing competition. This one girl had to be a stripper, the way she was working the crowd was just entrancing as she took of her clothes. Anyway, lets talk about the field level. On ticketmaster, where I bought my ticket, all the prices were the same for all the seats, so I figured I could just walk in and out of the field at my convenience and sit down at my seat when I felt like sitting down. However, as it turns out, field level seats were $45 more dollars, and we weren’t allowed to freely roam in and out of the field level, which I thought was weird, since on ticketmaster all the prices were the same. But whatever.

Metallica came on and played from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Opening with clips from the movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Evil” and the song “Ecstasy from Gold” from that movies soundtrack (something they do for every show), the band launches into Battery, then Master of Puppets, then breaks and talks to us a bit, then plays Harvestor of Sorrow, then they introduce the band members, and give Rob Truijllo, the new bassist, a little bit of an introduction of his own, where he just jams out on his guitar, then explodes into For Whom the Bell Tolls. Metallica had this habit of leaving and coming back, where a number of people actually left early. I’ve said it before, the new CD is pretty good, but I knew that a lot of them would be really good live songs. Frantic, what they played for the MTVIcon, sounds really good live, and when done correctly, St. Anger is also a pretty good live song. The pyrotecnics were impressive, and played a definitive role in the song “One”, where fireworks were used for gunfire, and flame throwers used for bomb blasts. The band ended with Enter Sandman, and the show was done.

I had a blast, from start to finish. It was sweltering hot, but the entire production was really good, despite Mudvayne and the absence of the Deftones. I think that because they didn’t play, that was why Limp Bizkit ended up playing for 2 hours. I highly reccomend going to see the Summer Sanitarium show if you can.

is going in just 8 days

Sounds like you had a good time. That’s great! :cool:

200$ for seeing bands I think of being the crappiest in their genres (Except of course, the Deftones)

I’d rather pass.

They’re like 70

It wasn’t $200…it was $80. Still pretty pricey, but I have to say, while these bands may not meet with your approval, they are hardly the crappiest in their genres.

…Am I the only person who fails to see the point of paying 80 bucks to go to some cramped, smelly, dirty, hot auditorium just to listen to a bunch of guys play a lot of really loud unintelligible sounds that you could do much better just downloading off Kazaa or getting the actual album if you’re Lester Legal? And being able to get to sleep at a decent hour?

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
…Am I the only person who fails to see the point of paying 80 bucks to go to some cramped, smelly, dirty, hot auditorium just to listen to a bunch of guys play a lot of really loud unintelligible sounds that you could do much better just downloading off Kazaa or getting the actual album if you’re Lester Legal? And being able to get to sleep at a decent hour?

X. It’s not cramped. It’s a stadium. There are field ‘seats’ and seats.
It’s not an auditorium. It’s a stadium.
It’s not unintelligible if you’re attempting to understand.
You don’t listen to music anyway.

OK, a stadium. But still, why not just d/l or buy the music and listen to it on your own time, your own volume, and save some money?

Because it’s the feeling you get when the band is actually there performing, X. And because some bands do extra stuff in concert.

I coulda said the same about the Minibosses when I went to see em in Arizona. Its quite different live. It doesn’t sound the same, its a different kind of entertainment. It’s neat when you really like some band to see them in person. Its hard to describe o_O

Apparently not enough to make you realize that Summer Sanitarium is over, and not occuring in 8 days, despite what your sig says…

They go across the country.

…oh…good lord…

Ahhh yeah. Knew that would scare you. After this year, I’ll probably join the fan club (free backstage passes)

In the immortal words of, “Still no cure for cancer…”

…still no… what?
Yaoiing gives you cancer X… Stop the Yaoiing.
And before this thread goes off track and ends up in a firey wreck of… stuff. I’d like to say this:
I plan on making a lot of money in the next 8 days so I can be a corporate whore and buy lotsa fan stuff ^^

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
In the immortal words of, “Still no cure for cancer…”

Or the immortal words of DENNIS LEARY! -_-

Whats the deal with all these threads about crappy music?

It’s an expierence X, and it’s a difficult one to describe. Metallica is above and beyond my favorite band - I haven’t ever heard a Metallica song that I didn’t like on some level. To me, these guys are rock gods, and seeing them in concert was just absolutly the pennicle. I remember last night thinking that I was dead tired, but if I died right that second, I sure wouldn’t care. It was absolutly breath taking.

Concerts aren’t for some people - some people just don’t get into it, or just don’t understand. Some music just sounds better live, like I said, the new Metallica album does sound better live.

Summer Sanitarium is in fact a tour, not just a local concert, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s actually a world tour. The Atlanta show was the second show of the American leg of the tour, they just recently got back from Europe. After the American leg, they’re going to Australia, then to Japan, whether this is actually the Summer Sanitarium tour, I’m not sure, but I know thats where Metallica is headed.

It was in a stadium (if you had bothered to read my post, in the first paragraph I said it was at the Braves Baseball Stadium), not some cramped highschool auditorium.